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Mani Mania: You’re Going To Love These Old Nail Trends That Are Still Gold

Mani Mania: You’re Going To Love These Old Nail Trends That Are Still Gold

There’s so much happening in the nail-art scene—what with Cardi B’s rhinestone-encrusted acrylics spotlighting our inkling for over-the-top nails, Dua Lipa’s chromatic Grammy-approved nails bedecking our Pinterest, and Alexis Demie’s criss-cross, gem-studded nails typical of her Euphoria alter-ego playing muse to our manicures.

There’s a new trend-setter every day, and we’re obsessed with keeping up with all of them; but there’s something about old-school nail-art from the earlier decades that we spot on our feeds every now and then, and we’re so glad these statement-making trends are alive even now. You must bookmark them for your next manicure.

6 Of Our Favourite Old-School Nail Art Trends

The French Manicure

The O.G French Manicure reigns supreme. This trend was a mainstay in the 00s nail-art look-book—and rightfully so. I don’t think anything can rival the simplicity of a streak of white bordering the tips of the nails. Newer iterations of the manicure include arcs of colour replacing the white-tipped aesthetic, swirly designs, fusions between the French Manicure and gradient nail-art to create a two-toned look, and so much more. But we’re still O.G-loyalists.

The Half-Moon Manicure

I wasn’t aware this was a sought-after aesthetic in the late 20s and early 30s. This trend involves painting the entire nail except for the semi-circle space at the base of the cuticle to create a half-moon cuticle—a reverse French Manicure in other words. Some women preferred painting just the center, and leaving the tips and cuticles bare. And one of the latest versions that have cropped up in the scene add contrast to the overall look by painting the semi-circle a different colour.

The Soft Pink Manicure

Essential to the quintessential 40s woman, this manicure wasn’t one to brag—with a soft hue of pink sitting on short, oval-shaped nails. So minimalistic.

The Neon Manicure

These have remerged as skittle nails, but back in the 90s, neon-coloured shades on long, squoval-shaped nails was the look. Some just drenched their nails in one shade, like a hot-pink. Some complimented the look with quirky, colour-blocking nail-art. Evidently, the 80s were anything but minimalistic. And it’s a pretty fitting vibe for summer, no?

The Glittery Manicure

These were all the rage in the 70s: long, sparkly, glittery nails. And they’re still pretty relevant, so I’m glad.

Metallics have been around for quite some time now, but the 90s underscored this look. Even powder-blues, sky-blues, and light blues were all the rage around this point of time,

Aren’t these so pretty and distinct? Which one’s your pick?

Featured Image: Instagram

23 May 2022

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