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Dua-Ing It Right: 7 Times Dua Lipa Made A Case For Chromatic Nails

Dua-Ing It Right: 7 Times Dua Lipa Made A Case For Chromatic Nails

Dua Lipa’s propensity for nail-art has commanded everyone’s attention in recent times—the singer has debuted back-to-back maximalist nail-art over the past few years, and sealed manicures as a non-negotiable accessory in nailing a look. You say it, and she’s slayed it—from butterflies, smileys, rhinestones, French tips, 3D designs, and more, Lipa’s nails have complemented her strides across carpets, runways, and concerts, and served as cues for our next mani-sesh. The singer seems to have an affinity for a specific kind of nail-art owing to how frequently the trend has displayed itself on her Instagram: Chromatic nails. She has drenched her digits in splashes and pops of colours right out of a rainbow in quick succession, and we’re obsessed with all of them. Here’s a carousel that sums up her passion for the trend.

Dua Lipa’s Love For Chromatic Nails Knows No Bounds

You’re So Golden

Looks familiar? That’s because Dua had sported these nails on the night of the Grammys—in conjunction with a Cindy Crawford-worn vintage Versace dress, Donatella-esque platinum-drenched tresses, and ruby-red lips. There was much conversation about her nails, and how they complemented her gold-coloured accessories and outfit-hardware, and tied the look together effortlessly.

Swish, Swish, Drip

For her Sweetest Pie single, Lipa displayed a similar gold-coloured look—except that this one was defined by 3D shapes protruding out of the press-ons. According to her nail-artist, golden drips was the reference.

A Play Of Purple

These purple-tinted press-ons are dripping with glamour. And just how much of a mood is this photo? Dua is us on a Sunday.

Gorgeous, Gorgeous Girls Don’t Undermine Orange

I’ll never understand why orange-coloured nails are so underrated. If Dua’s mani says anything, it’s that orange is a summer favourite – breezy, and fun to play around with.

Blue Hues

Nothing speaks louder than swirls of deep-blue on the nails. And how delicious do they look in mirror-selfies?

The Silver Killer

This one’s just like the 3D gold-coloured manicure—except that it’s silver, and oh so sparkly paired with the chunkiest of rings.

A Glamourous Touch Of Green

In the words of Lady Gaga, “Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference…” That’s pretty much how we feel about this display of green on the digits.

Ace Your Chrome With These Colours

We cannot wait to see which colour she debuts next!

Featured Image: Instagram

16 May 2022

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