These Dumdaar Ex-Bigg Boss Contestants Are All Set To Enter As Wild Cards & We Say ‘Bring It On’

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Nov 16, 2021
Bigg Boss


When casting for season 15, the Bigg Boss makers ensured to get a good mix of contestants. Sadly, while it might have worked in the initial weeks of the show, the magic seems to be fizzling out now. To make things worse, one of the wild card contestants, Raqesh Bapat has left the Bigg Boss house on medical grounds in less than a week of his entry. This has come as a huge setback to the makers who have already been struggling with plummeting TRPs. Of course, it is time to take some extreme measures and we hear that a lot of ideation is happening right now.

From challengers to shocking evictions, the makers are contemplating it all. However, before resorting to extreme measures, they are considering roping in some more wild card entries just to see if they can move into the good TRP zone sans any hassels. TBH, this sounds like a great idea considering that drastic changes in the show have more than sufficed to make things work. On that note, let us help you with two names that have almost been finalised to become next week’s wild card entries. A little birdie tells us that Moose Jattana and Donal Bisht are all set to re-enter the Bigg Boss house and here’s why we welcome this call:

‘Coz It Is Only Fair


TBH, Moose should have entered the Bigg Boss 15 house on Day 1 itself along with the other three contestants. It is only fair given that she wasn’t voted out by the audience but by her fellow housemates, unlike Neha Bhasin who had to leave before the finale owing to a lack of votes. Additionally, she has a unique persona and she could have contributed a lot to the show. At this point, it sounds only fair that Moose has been offered to return to the house. Similarly for Donal, she too was voted out by her fellow contestants despite getting a lot of support and love outside. It would be nice to see justice getting served and these two getting a fair chance at winning the trophy.

Restoring The Balance


As the viewers can tell, the power dynamics are highly skewed in the Bigg Boss house as of now with Karan Kundrra and Tejjaswi Prakash reigning in the show as the power couple. Now, while we are all for the #TejRan angle, it is making the rest of the contestants look kinda blah. Moose and Donal definitely have what it takes to change this scene.

For starters, Moose is an extremely interesting and smart contestant. She can literally give epic footage all by herself without a second person in the frame. Moose and Nishant also make a powerful team and since Bigg Boss OTT we have been wanting to see more of their adorable bond. Plus, Nishant is a great player who is currently being overshadowed because of a lack of a proper support system in the house. Moose’s entry can very well catalyse both the show’s growth as well as Nishant’s game. Similarly in Donal’s case, we have seen that she has a strong persona. Additionally, she is great friends with Umar Riaz and we missed out on seeing their friendship blossoming owing to her early eviction from the house. With her re-entry, this can take an entirely new turn for Umar Riaz’s game and the power dynamics of the house.

Rest assured, be prepared to witness a lot of drama. Things are going to get hella wild!

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