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Neha Bhasin & Raqesh Bapat Are The New BB Wild Cards & We Can Just Call It ‘The Shamita Shetty Show’ Now

Neha Bhasin & Raqesh Bapat Are The New BB Wild Cards & We Can Just Call It ‘The Shamita Shetty Show’ Now

While none of the Bigg Boss wildcards might have ever won the show, they do hold a reputation for completely changing its course. Take, for instance, Aly Goni from season 14 sent the entire house for a toss the instant he arrived. Well, this is wild card week in Bigg Boss 15 and we are equal parts excited and worried to see what is to come next. This is because we already know some of the names that are about to enter the house and Neha Bhasin is one of them.

Now, first things first–Neha is actually quite fun and was really entertaining to watch in Bigg Boss OTT. That said, we have been observing a pattern in this season’s wild card entries that is making us question the makers as well as the entire idea of Bigg Boss being a “reality show.” Here’s why:

Is It Bigg Boss 15 Or BB OTT?


Yes, we do understand that Bigg Boss OTT got a great response from the audience but that is no reason to treat its contestants like royalty in a brand new season of the show. All the OTT contestants in BB 15 including Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhat, and Pratik Sehajpal have been enjoying VIP treatment in the house. In fact, they were immune from nominations in the first few weeks and enjoyed the comforts of the house while everyone else had to sleep in the jungle. To make things worse, it was the rest of the contestants who had to face the punishment when Pratik ended up damaging Bigg Boss’s property in a fit of rage.

So Much Attention To Contestants Who Actually LOST Bigg Boss OTT?


It sounds like a terrible call on the makers’ end to rope in contestants who literally lost Bigg Boss OTT owing to a lack of votes as wild card contestants for BB 15. In our opinion, getting Moose Jattana would have still been a better choice given that she was thrown out of the house by the contestants and not ‘coz of lesser votes. That would have only been fair but then again, when did Bigg Boss makers care about being fair? This actually brings us to our next question….

Can We Expect Shamita Shetty’s Mom & Sister To Join BB 15 too?


Last week, Shamita Shetty’s rakhi brother Rajiv Adatia entered the Bigg Boss house as a wild card contestant. Given that hardly anyone knows the guy, it actually looked like a desperate attempt to help Shamita with a push and support in the Bigg Boss house. It did sound biased but we made our peace with it given that this is not the first time that a contestant’s connection has entered the Bigg Boss house as a wild card entry. However, Neha Bhasin (her OTT best friend) and Raqesh Bapat (her alleged boyfriend) entering the house as wild card contestants is really a stretch now. It looks like the makers are hell-bent on making Shamita win this season and this explains why all three of their wild card contestants are Shamita supporters.

From tasks that put Shamita in the limelight to appointing her as the sanchalak for all the difficult ones, the makers are going all out to somehow make her shine in the show. At this rate, we won’t be too surprised if Shamita’s mom and sister also end up entering the Bigg Boss house as wild cards. Can someone please tell the makers that a winner is as a winner does and Shamita’s hoity-toity attitude won’t win her votes even if her entire khandaan ends up inside the house? Just saying!

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01 Nov 2021

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