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5 Natural Ways In Which You Can Stimulate Hair Growth To Make Even Rupanzel Jealous!



Growing out your hair is no easy feat, take it from somebody who has been trying to grow out her hair for years. You can try skipping your regular haircuts but then you’ll end up with split-ends and lacklustre strands.

There are a lot of ways you can boost your hair growth- gobble up some hair supplements or follow a dedicated hair care routine. However, if you’re more of a person who loves to go the natural way then we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves that will help you give even Rapunzel a run for her money.

5 Ways To Boost Hair Growth Naturally


Ready to ace that hair flip?

A Good Ol’ Champi



Oiling your mane is the best way to show it some love. However, we often apply it just for a few hours, thinking that much time is enough. Well, it’s not. Our hair subjected to pollutants, harsh sunlight, and many other stressors throughout the day and applying any hair oil for just a few hours isn’t going to reverse that.

So, here’s what you need to do…

– Keep the hair oil on overnight.

– Apply oil to your ends as well because they are the farthest from the scalp and many nutrients may not reach them.

– Massage the oil into your scalp because it will increase blood circulation and enhance the strength of the hair roots.

Hot oil massages are always a fab idea to stimulate growth and undo hair damage.

Apply Onion Juice


There has been a surge in hair products containing onion juice thanks to its noteworthy benefits. You can either apply the onion juice directly into your hair or DIY it into onion hair oil. Either way, it is going to help reduce hair fall, make your hair shinier and stronger and help in increasing hair length.

Just remember to be consistent with it otherwise you will barely see any change.

Aloe Vera Works Wonders



Using fresh aloe vera gel on our hair helps soothe the scalp whilst also reducing hair damage. It also helps smoothen hair ends, makes hair more manageable and softer to touch. It also nourishes the hair strands and boots hair growth if applied consistently. For those of you who have a flaky situation on your scalp, then you can use it once a week to fight off dandruff too.

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Ginseng Is Miraculous



Ginseng is amazing to boost hair growth as it is believed to increase the dermal cells that strengthen the roots of the hair. You can either intake ginseng hair supplements (after consulting a doc) or use ginseng-infused hair products.

Using a DIY ginseng hair mask is one of the best ways to stop hair thinning and stimulate hair growth. In a bowl, empty 2 ginseng capsules and mix them with 1 tbsp castor oil. Apply this DIY mask 1-2 times a week and we bet your hair will only grow from here.

This mask is also excellent if you have bald spots. But make sure you do a patch test before going all in.

Lemon Is Superb


Using diluted lemon juice is extremely effective in getting rid of dandruff and it also promotes hair growth.

Using lemon juice or oil can help enhance your hair’s quality and boosts hair growth after regular use. It also helps unclog the pores, reduces dandruff, and makes your hair shinier after every wash. You can also mix lemon essential oil into any hair mask and we bet your hair wouldn’t stop growing.

Taking biotin or vitamin E tables is another way to ensure that our hair becomes stronger each day. But do not have them without consulting a doctor first. Getting regular trims to remove your split-ends will make your hair look healthy and stimulate growth! 

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17 Mar 2021

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