10 Best Nail Polish Removers That’ll Treat Your Fingernails With Love!

Neha KapoorNeha Kapoor  |  Sep 17, 2020
10 Best Nail Polish Removers That’ll Treat Your Fingernails With Love!


Admit it, removing nail polish is the least exciting part of your beauty ritual. As blissful as it can be to get a manicure, removing the nail polish isn’t something you love, especially when your nails are prone to breaking or brittleness. But how do you differentiate between good nail polish removers and the ones which will damage your nails? After all, the quality of removers has a direct impact on the health and appearance of your nails. To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best nail polish removers that you should definitely try.

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Best Nail Polish Removers

Acetone nail polish remover or the one that’s acetone-free, here’s a list of ten nail paint removers.

Faces Canada Nail Enamel Remover

If you have brittle nails that are prone to breakage, this is one product you should definitely try. Acetone-free and high on Vitamin E content, this non-acetone nail polish remover is quite affordable as well.

Lakme Nail Color Remover

Though this nail varnish remover is very heavy on its acetone content, the presence of Vitamin E and Ethyl Acetate eases out all the dryness on the skin around your nails. 

Street Wear Nail Color Remover

Packaged in a stylish sleek bottle, this one will be easy on your pocket. Not only does it prevent spillage, but it also doesn’t evaporate quickly if the bottle is left open. With high contents of acetone in it, this nail varnish remover works best if you use it with cuticle oil.

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Nail Polish Remover

With a wide range of nail polish removers in India, this one is the best among the lot. One of the best non-acetone nail paint removers, it keeps your nails healthy since its enriched with all the essential vitamins.

Inglot Nail Polish Remover

With vitamin E, vitamin A and calendula oil in it, this is one of the best nail polish removers available in India. It easily removes even the toughest glitter nail paints and dark colours. The acetone-free nail varnish remover also helps in making your nails healthier. 

Colorbar Nail Polish Remover

This ultra-efficient nail varnish remover by Colorbar strips away all traces of your nail paint. Enriched with essential proteins and Vitamin B5, this acetone-free remover leaves your nail bed moisturized and healthy.

Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Color Remover

One of the best nail polish removers, this one will leave your nails soft, smooth, and pampered. The goodness of Vitamin E will not only nourish your nails, but it will also leave a healthy sheen behind. Also, it’s acetone-free. Ain’t that great?

Innisfree Nail Remover

This nail paint remover not only quickly removes the nail colour, but it also leaves your nails nourished. With Jeju’s natural tangerine oil and citrus fruits extracts in abundance, this product does not dry out your nails and keeps them protected.

Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes

These nail varnish remover wipes are acetone, toluene and paraben-free. Made from poly-viscose fibre, the wipes contain natural olive oil extracts that help in keeping your nails and the skin around them moisturised. They are also enriched with Vitamin E and effectively remove the nail polish. Every time you use it, your nails are in for special treatment, trust us! 

Hip Hop Nail Polish Remover Wipes

This is your go-to product if what you’re looking for is easy and mess-free nail paint removal along with the strengthening of your cuticles. These are acetone and acetate-free wipes, and therefore, you can say goodbye to those brittle, yellow nails as well. With a pleasant fragrance, the wipes are also enriched with the goodness of Argan Oil and Vitamin E. 


What Is A Nail Polish Remover Made Of?

Generally, a nail polish remover is made of acetone, which actually is a solvent that dissolves the nail polish, and thus removes it. 

For the ones that are acetone-free, Ethyl Acetate or Methyl Ethyl Ketone is used as their active ingredient or solvent. While a non-acetone nail polish remover is a little expensive and comparatively slower in the process of nail paint removal, they are said to be better for the health of your nails.

What Is The Difference Between Acetone And Nail Polish Remover?

The difference between acetone and a nail varnish remover is their composition. While acetone, itself, is a strong solvent, nail paints either contain acetone as its one of the main solvent or other solvents that are less strong. Nail polish removers may contain scents, oils and colouring too.

Can I Remove Gel Polish With Nail Polish Remover?

Yes! If you don’t want to go to the nail salon to get your gel nail polish removed, you can easily do it at home. 

– First, fill a small bowl with any nail varnish remover you own. 
– Now, dip your fingertips in the remover and allow your nails to soak for at least 15 minutes.
– Check your nails. In all probability, you would be able to lift the nail polish from your nail after the said time. 
– Gently scrape off the polish with a cuticle stick.
– Apply cuticle oil in order to keep your nails moisturised. 

Are Nail Polish Removers Antibacterial?

Going by their composition, yes they are. For nail paint removers, acetone or ethyl acetate are the main ingredients and they both are natural disinfectants. They are said to be effective against viruses and bacteria.

Can I Mix Nail Polish Removers?

TBH, it’s always a bad idea to mix unknown chemicals, especially when it comes to acetone nail paint removers. Mixing two removers could indeed lead to an unstable product like organic peroxides which can be toxic or corrosive.

Does Toothpaste Remove Nail Polish?

Toothpaste contains ethyl acetate, which is generally one of the main solvents in a nail polish remover. So yes, taking a toothpaste on a cotton ball and rubbing it on your nails can remove your nail polish. 

Does A Nail Polish Remover Fix A Dried Out Nail Polish?

Do NOT add nail polish removers to your old nail polishes to revive it. Acetone is an organic solvent that will dissolve the lacquer from your nail polish which basically acts as a thin film on your nails.

Ladies, show your nails some love and invest in quality nail polishes, nail polish removers, cuticle oil and hand cream. Also, make sure that you give your nails some time off from the polish every now and then. 

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