5 Signs That Your Nails Are Healthy, Even If They Don't Look Perfect!

5 Signs That Your Nails Are Healthy, Even If They Don't Look Perfect!

There are two types of women out there - one who is obsessed with her nails, and the other, who couldn't care less. If you belong to the latter category, then put your hands before you and look at them! Your nails may not be shaped to perfection, but don't be too quick to judge them. They probably are healthy. Just to make sure whether they're doing fine or not, we made a tiny checklist for you! 

5 Signs That Your Nails Are Perfectly Healthy

Just like skincare, nailcare is also self-care!

They Don't Chip Easily

Acrylic nails and gel manicure look good, but once removed, your naturals nails take a hit. Getting your nails done often, will cause peeling, cracking and brittleness. Hence, space your nail spa appointments out. Give your nails the chance to breathe and avoid applying any nail polish on them for a while. Another factor responsible for weak nails is onychoschizia aka nail splitting. If your nails feel strong and don't chip easily, you definitely have healthy nails. 

They're Pink In Colour!


If not baby pink, mauve for sure! The colour is a reflection of the nail bed underneath the nails. To make sure that your nail beds have good blood circulation and are hydrated, gently press your nail. If the colour temporarily disappears only to reappear in a brighter hue, then it's a positive sign that you have healthy nails. 

They're Not Bitten

Biting your nails is a bad habit and not only will it make you sick, but will also cause ingrown nails and cuticle infections. If your nails aren't bitten or chewed from any angle, you have good nails. 


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Your Cuticles Are Intact


Many manicurists often remove the cuticles to make the manicure look cleaner. Don't allow this to happen! Your cuticles are responsible for protecting your nails from bacterial infections. If you are bothered by them, don't remove them, but gently push them back with a wooden orange stick. Remember, they exist for a reason and that reason is to protect your nails from bacterial infection. 

Your Nails & Hands Are Moisturised

You may not pay attention to the shape of your nails, but you make it a point to moisturise your hands. As a result, your cuticles are thick and healthy. Not to mention, but your nails are growing long as well. Another sign of healthy nails is that your nails are squeaky clean with no debris and bacteria underneath. 


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The Nail Fold Is Free From Lumps

If the skin around your nails is puffy or red in colour, there is a high possibility that your nail fold is inflamed. If it doesn't settle down after a few days, you may have to show it to the doctor. Healthy nail folds are flat and firm. If yours looks fine, then the health of your nails are good. 

If you've mentally ticked marked all these points, then congratulations! Your nails are in the pink of health. 

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