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Know Your Hoo-Ha:  9 Myths About Your Vagina To Show The Finger To!

Know Your Hoo-Ha: 9 Myths About Your Vagina To Show The Finger To!

When it comes to stating the facts about your hoo-ha, the Internet is a mixed bag of facts and myths. Strange enough, women today are constantly worried about the way their vagina looks, smells and functions. In reality, everything about your vagina is natural and normal – unless your gynaecologist thinks otherwise. Also, no two vaginas are the same! To put all your queries and doubts about your vagina to rest, join us by showing the finger to these 9 myths as we bust them like a boss. Shall we, begin?

Myth 1: You’re Not A Virgin If Your Hymen Is Broken

For those who are curious, the hymen exists. It’s a thin, fine membrane that covers the entrance of the vagina. There’s a popular misconception that if you don’t bleed the first time you have sex, you aren’t a virgin. Ladies, this is wrong on so many levels! Sure, sex could be one of the reason, but not the only one for your hymen to rupture. You could break your hymen by inserting tampons, playing sports or through penetrative masturbation as well.  

Myth 2: You Naturally Smell Bad Down There

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Vaginas have a faint, mild scent, but they do not smell bad. The odour varies from person to person. It could smell different on different occasions like if you’ve just had sex, are menstruating or it could just be the heat. In fact, even your diet and lifestyle habits (like smoking) have a part to play. To feel more confident and cleaner down there, wash your lady parts with plain water twice or thrice a day and you’re good to go!


Myth 3: Your Labia Needs To Look A Certain Way

Just like the rest of your body, your vagina evolves with time. During your pre-puberty phase, your vagina is tiny and tight. It’s like the labia minora isn’t there at all! However, once you reach puberty, your body changes – lubrication, secretion, regular sex and later, pregnancy, your vagina stretches and grows.  

Myth 4: There’s Something Wrong If You Don’t Orgasm After Sex

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Firstly, there’s no such term as a vaginal orgasm. If it exists, it’s a lie! You’ll be surprised to know that not every woman experiences an orgasm the first time she has sex. It largely depends on how stimulated her pleasure spots are during the act.

Myth 5: You Have A Yeast Infection If It’s Itchy Down There

So you’re experiencing itchiness down there? We know your mind would dart to a yeast infection. While yeast infections are common, there are also some mild allergies that would make you itch down there. You could be allergic to the material of your undergarments or it could be the lack of ventilation during the hotter months. IF the itching persists you should visit your gynaecologist. Apart from mild irritation and yeast infection, there are a few other severe reasons as well like STDs known as trichomoniasis, pubic lice, changes in your hormones, bacterial vaginosis, poor hygiene are a few other reasons why you’re tempted to scratch yourself down there.  


Myth 5: An Alcohol-Soaked Tampon Can Get You High

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Whatever you do, do NOT insert an alcohol-soaked tampon in your hoo-ha! A lot of people claim that get drunk because of this, but if you think about it, it’s actually impossible to insert a fully soaked tampon into your vagina. The solution isn’t strong enough to send you to la la land. We’re not certain that you’ll get tipsy after this experiment, but you sure will experience burns and rashes if you’re not careful.

Myth 6: You HAVE To Use Feminine Hygiene Products To Clean Your Vagina

Feminine hygiene products are not necessary but they do help maintain your vagina’s pH balance. You don’t have to clean your vagina using a specific product. In fact, the vagina is designed to take care and clean itself on its own. Just use a mild soap and lukewarm water to keep yourself clean and you’re good to go.

Myth 7: Use Garlic or Yoghurt To Cure A Yeast Infection

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Using garlic and yoghurt to cure a vaginal yeast infection is just crazy. Garlic may have antibacterial properties, but it isn’t meant to be used on your sensitive parts. The same rule applies to yoghurt. Sure it provides a cooling sensation to the vulva when applied, but it does not fight fungus or infections. So head to your gynaecologist and not the supermarket!

Myth 8: Something Is Wrong With Your Body If You Experience Vaginal Discharge

NOTHING is wrong if you experience vaginal discharge. It’s absolutely normal to witness a mucus-like, clear discharge right before or after your period. Some women experience a heavy discharge in the middle of their cycle. When to worry – when your discharge is thick, smells funny, discoloured, contains blood or leaves a dry, crusty stain on your underwear. Talk to your gynaecologist, the moment you notice any such change.

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11 May 2018

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