9 Sex Myths We’ve ALL Been Guilty Of Believing (Oops!!)

9 Sex Myths We’ve ALL Been Guilty Of Believing (Oops!!)
There are some sex myths that women (and men too) have believed at some point or another in their lives. But here’s the thing about “myths” - they’re myths! And obviously not true. So here are a few age old sex myths - busted!

Myth 1. If you use a tampon, you will no longer be a virgin…

Because your hymen breaks when you wear a tampon?! No, ladies, that is not true. Your hymen is actually flexible enough to accommodate a tampon. The hymen is tissue attached to the vaginal wall, not a membrane that covers the entrance of the vagina, as many believe. It is true that your hymen sometimes may break before you have sex - but that doesn’t mean that you’re no longer a virgin!

Myth 2. That your hymen, literally breaks, when you have sex

Your hymen cannot technically “break”. The bleeding that sometimes occurs when a woman first has sex is due to a small tear in the hymen - which, in time, itself heals.

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Myth 3. Only men are “supposed” to masturbate…

Uum, so here’s the thing - there is no such rule! Women can and do feel the need to masturbate. And there is nothing wrong with it. It is in fact a great way to learn about your body, your sexual wants and needs, and what may or may not work for you. Masturbation is not wrong - it is normal and in fact healthy!

Myth 4. That a woman absolutely HAS to bleed the first time she has sex!

Not every woman bleeds when she has sex for the first time. Some women’s hymens break much before they have sexual intercourse. It could happen because of vigorous exercise or even while stretching sometimes.

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Myth 5. You can’t get pregnant if you have sex on your period.

Sperm can actually live inside you for upto 5 days! So even if you have sex towards the end of your period, there are chances that you could conceive 4 or 5 days later with early ovulation. While it is true that the probability of a woman getting pregnant during her period is very low - she can indeed get pregnant from having sex while on her period.

Myth 6. If you pee right after having sex, you will not get pregnant

Peeing after sex can’t actually “flush out” sperm that may have entered your body. So peeing or even washing your vagina after sex cannot reduce the chances of you getting pregnant. The tube you pee through, i.e. your urethra, is not the same as the tube through which you have sex, i.e. your vagina!

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Myth 7. Women have only one hole through which they have sex AND pee…

Again, going back to the point above - no, ladies, the holes through which you pee and have sex are different! You do not actually pee through your vagina, you pee through your urethra. Two different things! Many women (and even men) don’t think of this because the urethra is very tiny and right next to the vaginal hole.

Myth 8. Pulling out is just as effective as contraception…

While withdrawing just before a man climaxes is not all bad, it is not as effective or as easy as contraception. It could work for some, every time - but sometimes, all it takes is a few extra seconds inside a woman's body for sperm to actually enter it. Plus, even if you are accurate with your timing every time, the pulling out method still cannot prevent you from STIs (sexually transmitted infections) or other diseases.

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Myth 9. Men think about sex much more than women do!

Again, not true! Women (mostly) think about sex as much as men do - sometimes, probably more! Women can feel the urge to have sex as much as a man can. There is no hard and fast rule. Each individual is different!

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