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10 Absurd Myths About Shaving Body Hair That Are So. NOT. True!

10 Absurd Myths About Shaving Body Hair That Are So. NOT. True!

Come summers, shaving is an important part of a woman’s beauty regime! It’s the reason we are able to rock pretty dresses and skirts, without feeling too conscious about ourselves. Some of us prefer other methods of hair removal (and not shaving) because of some floating myths that are simply not true. Here are 10 ridiculous myths about shaving body hair… busted!

1. The hair grows back with a vengeance

Not true girls. Shaving has nothing to do with your hair growing back thicker and faster. What determines the regrowth is your genetics and hormones. While the hair is growing back, the blunt ends make it appear thicker. One more thing to keep in mind — underarm hair grows double the speed of the hair on your hands or legs, with or without shaving.


2. A new razor blade is likely to cause more injuries

Nope. In fact, shaving with an old and dull razor blade will actually result in more nicks and cuts. Putting excess pressure on the razor can also cause cuts.

3. It is a messy process

Not really. You can shave in the comfort of your house and a good razor makes it all that easier to remove body hair. Our personal favourite is the Gillette Venus Breeze, which is a 2-in1 razor that has flexible, lubricating moisture gel bars that negate the need for a soap, gel or prepping agent. This razor also loves curves and fits easily into hard to shave areas.


3 myths about shaving body hair

4. Repeatedly shaving the same area will deter hair growth

On the contrary, it will irritate your skin and may cause bruises, spots or an unpleasant stubble.


5. It is fine to shave without water

We wouldn’t recommend that. Water helps the razor in smoothly gliding over the skin – it is pivotal for a comfortable shaving experience. So even if you are in a hurry, don’t skip on the water.

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6. Waxing won’t cause ingrown hair

That’s not the case. Whatever be your go-to hair removal method, an exfoliated skin is the best way to ensure that there is no ingrown hair.

6 myths about shaving body hair


7. Shaving every day is bad for your skin

This is not true! If your body hair grows fast, feel free to shave every day. Moreover, a razor actually aids in making the skin look and feel smoother as it also exfoliates the top layer of dead skin.

8. It makes your skin dry

Quite the opposite. By removing the top layer of dead skin, shaving keeps the skin from becoming flaky and dry and makes it smoother in the process.


9.  It is okay to borrow your friend’s razor

Unfortunately, it is not. Firstly, it is far from hygienic. And especially if you are borrowing your boyfriend’s razor, the blades are tougher as they are designed for facial hair and not body hair.

9 myths about shaving body hair


10. Shaving will reduce your tan

We know, in summers, tanning is a primary concern. But shaving, although it’s a form of exfoliation that removes dead skin, won’t help do away with your tan. That’s because your skin has its own unique cell renewal process which takes place every 4 – 6 weeks. New skin cells push to the top of the Epidermis (the outermost skin layer), pushing the dead skin cells off through the skin’s own natural exfoliation process.

*This post is in partnership with Gillette Venus Breeze.

16 Apr 2017
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