How Hair Removal Has Become The In-Thing for Women These Days

How Hair Removal Has Become The In-Thing for Women These Days

If you think back to the prehistoric days, you’d probably imagine that body hair removal was something that people must have never given much thought about. But it turns out, they used sea shells and sharp stone tools to get rid of unwanted hair on their body. Well, who would have thought of that?

So, clearly, we all as humans, have been obsessing about grooming ourselves since the start of time - our prehistoric ancestors are proof of that! While technology has come a really, really long way since then, we women are still always looking for methods of body hair removal that will cause us less (or no) pain.

If you take some time to actually think about it, then you’ll realise that hair removal for women has actually changed a lot over the past decade. Hair removal has now become a way of living for most of us and we are almost always obsessing over it.

If you ask your mother, she will tell you that during her days, they didn’t really care about body hair removal as much as we do, but a few ones who did didn’t really bother experimenting with too many options. So, when I asked my mom, she told me that they had to scrub their body with pumice stones to get rid of body hair and/or use gram flour regularly.

 body hair removal inside 1 pumice stone

Being 90’s kids, we’ve actually seen the evolution of hair removal over a period of the last 10 years. When we were at that age of self-consciousness, we had the option of only using hair removal creams or to endure painful waxing sessions which, if done too early would cause your skin harm (also, not to forget how painful and time-consuming these sessions were). A popular myth that made most people believe that razors make hair grow thicker and darker, made shaving quite unpopular.

Over the years, laser hair removal took the industry by storm and everyone has been talking about it. Even though it offers a long-term solution for body hair, it costs a bomb and not everyone can shell out that much money to zap their body hair away.

Coming back to razors in the modern world, there has been a major evolution in this magic product. Shaving as a method of hair removal has become quite popular amongst women these days. In fact, shaving is actually the most efficient way to remove body hair according to many. It’s pain-free and hassle-free! With the new Gillette Venus Breeze which has inbuilt moisture gel bars that contain body butter and glycerin, shaving has changed for the better. Busting all those once-popular shaving myths, this razor has been our favourite ever since it was introduced in India a few months back.


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Well, it looks too simple, right? But did you know that it takes a team of experts and a group of people brainstorming and strategising for months to actually come up with an effective product that removes body hair without causing irritation to our precious skin? The Gillette Research and Innovation Centre in Reading, London does just that! Their experts make sure they develop easy and correct procedures to come up with a fine product that caters to our daily needs while we’re on the go. In fact, our Founder, Priyanka Gill went there and got to experience first-hand how our skin is a complex organ and the importance of using quality products. We realised it takes years of studying and research to come up with something so amazing that helps with body hair removal in women within no time and without any pain. It surely takes a team full of awesome people to change the way we look at body hair removal. Kudos, team Gillette!

We hope that there are more innovations to pain-free hair removal but for now, we are very happy with our tiny, portable Venus Breeze razor! Hair removal is really just a breeze with it!

*This post is in association with Gillette Venus.