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MyGlamm Lipliner Pencil Sass Review

#POPxoReviews: My Lipstick Game Has Changed Forever, Thanks To This Lip Liner!



Time to cross the (lip)line!

Ever since Miss Kylie got her lip fillers, it has become a trend to rock fuller lips! And because *mummi nahi manegy* (Read: I’m broke AF), I rely on something that is a lot more affordable and accentuates my pout to my liking. Yes, I’m talking about lip liners!

Outlining your lips using a lip liner is not new but has definitely made its rightful comeback! And if you are on a lookout for the creamiest, most pigmented lip liners, then you have to try MyGlamm LIT Lipliner Pencils. And lucky for you, today I’m reviewing Sass, with a little sprinkle of my own sass, of course!

What Is It?

Your secret to a fuller pout!

A bright pink that’ll give you the sexiest pout; Sass is a stunning pink lip liner with cool undertones which will suit everyone. Just start drawing a line on the outline of your lips or over them and we bet your #LipstickGame will reach a new high level. Team it up with a grey smokey eye or ride the rainbow train by creating a riot of colours on your lids; the possibilities are endless.

Why Do We Love It?

Because that colour is so gorgeous!

It is also one of the best, creamiest lip liner formulas that I’ve ever tried. Luxury beauty brands, you better watch out for this one!

The LIT lip liners are vegan and cruelty-free and are made with specially formulated vegetable wax so yes, free from all the nasties! And the only person that it was tested on our favourite- Sidharth Malhotra.


Colour pay off – 9/10

Long-Lasting – 8/10

Texture – 8/10

Packaging – 8/10

Formula – 9/10

How Do You Use It?

Remember when we used to draw shapes using tracing paper? Who knew that those skills will come in handy one day?! Just draw over the outline (or over) your lips and fill in your lips with the lip product of your choice. Just think of them as those cute shapes in a colouring book and stay within the line!

PS: Kylie Jenner, who?

What Does The Product Look Like?

Time to spill that SASS!

Featured Image: Author’s Own

25 Nov 2020

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