#BeautyDiaries: I Conditioned My Hair Using… A Banana Hair Conditioner!

Divya SharmaDivya Sharma  |  Oct 4, 2016
#BeautyDiaries: I Conditioned My Hair Using… A Banana Hair Conditioner!


About three months ago, I got highlights done. I wasn’t as happy with them as I had thought I would be initially. And after a few weeks it got even worse!

I had never devoted too much time to my hair – just shampoo, condition and ta-da, I was done. Sometimes I wouldn’t even use conditioner if I was in a rush, but there were also weeks when I would go the extra mile and oil my hair a little bit. But after getting highlights – nothing was enough! I would oil my hair all the time, I had to leave conditioner on for 5-7 minutes before washing it off, I even had to use a serum for frizzy hair if I didn’t want my hair getting out of control.

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I was having the worst hair phase of my life. Hair fall, split-ends, dryness… I had every mane problem you’ve ever heard of. Finally, one day, I just got tired of it all. I reached home from office after a particularly bad hair day and asked my mom to help me with a hair mask. I searched on Google and figured out that yogurt, egg and bananas were highly recommended in home remedies for dry hair. So I figured I would go all out and make a pack with all three! I mixed and mixed and mixed and finally the banana turned into a paste. My mom made me sit down in front of her and started applying the pack from my roots to the ends.

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I kept this pack on for about 30-45 minutes. After that, I went for a hot shower, ready to come out with gorgeous hair again. How naive I was to think that it would be that easy!

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My shower went on for two HOURS because I couldn’t even begin to get the banana hair conditioner out of my strands. Even the hot water ran out by the end of this but the banana stayed right where it was! My arms began to hurt half way through and I had to actually take a break sometime around then. Finally I yelled for my mom and asked her to pass me a comb. That’s when I finally made some progress… It still took about 30 minutes for me to comb the wet hair though because of all the tangles.

That night, when I was lying in bed, not being able to sleep because of the egg + banana smell surrounding me, I swore to myself that no matter what happened, I would never use banana hair conditioner on my hair again. Nothing could be worth this much effort and pain (the combing was painful too, okay)!

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But, over the following couple days, I noticed that my hair definitely felt softer and smoother. However, the “food-gone-bad” smell remained too, and reminded me that the the pros were so not worth the cons in this case.