Mouni Roy Rocks The Most Striking Kohl Eyeliner Look And We Are Here To Take Notes

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Oct 7, 2021
Mouni Roy Rocks The Most Striking Kohl Eyeliner Look And We Are Here To Take Notes


Whenever it’s time to turn up your allure, playing up those eyes with kohl is the way to go. The classic makeup look has long been a favourite in India and Mouni Roy recognises its potential and goes bold with it. The star teams up her sharply defined eye makeup with well-nourished skin, a nude lip and sleek hair. From traditional to casual chis, you can’t go wrong with this makeup look. To learn how to achieve that perfect wing and all-round definition with kohl, read on.

Mouni Roy’s Makeup Decoded In Just 7 Steps

Follow this simple step-by-step tutorial to ace this classic makeup look.

Step 1: Follow A Multi-Step Skincare Routine

When your skin is clean and healthy, you can rock any makeup look like a boss. Cleanse and tone your skin. Apply an ampoule or serum to treat your skin concerns and then follow up with a moisturiser after waiting for two minutes. Don’t forget sunscreen if this is your day look.

Step 2: Prime And Colour Correct

When using a dark eyeliner, it can accentuate any dark circles or dark spots more than other eyeliner shades like brown. Choose to prep your base with a colour correcting primer. Apply the primer all over your face and then move on to your next step.

Step 3: Blend On The Base

Now for light coverage, dot your face with foundation. Focus on areas like the corners of your nose, the sides of your mouth, under-eye area and chin area. Blend with a foundation brush or a damp makeup sponge. Add a light layer of foundation to your neck as well. 

Step 4: Warm Up Your Visage

Your Complexion will glow with the right shades of blush, highlighter and a touch of bronzer. Blend bronzer beneath the cheekbones and into the hairline and jawline. Highlight the high points of your face. Apply blush to your cheeks. Set the base with a setting powder.

Step 5: Draw On Eyeliner

Since this eyeliner look is super bold, prep your lids with a primer to enjoy the additional staying power of the eye makeup. Apply a kohl pencil to the upper and lower lash lines and gently diffuse the lines with a pencil brush to get a soft effect. Use a liquid eyeliner to draw curvy wings on the outer corners and complete the look with mascara.

Step 6: Brush Your Brows

A swipe of brow mascara will tame your brows and provide just the right definition you need to slay this look. It will ensure your brows stay in place all day.

Step 7: Paint Your Pout

For beautiful-looking lips, always nourish them with a balm. After a few minutes, dab off the excess balm and apply a matte lipstick in a nude shade.

Sounds easy enough? Try out this look for yourself.

Featured Image: Instagram