We’re Totes On Board With The New Negative Space Eyeliner Fad That’s Taking Over Insta

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Sep 29, 2021
We’re Totes On Board With The New Negative Space Eyeliner Fad That’s Taking Over Insta


Looking for eye makeup inspiration, anyone? Well, you’re in the right place.  With a dizzying number of new trends hitting the beauty space, it can be downright intimidating to peruse what’s out there in the hopes of making a little glamorous update. But that’s where we come in, folks.  

Take a look at your IG feed or a recent paparazzi photo and guarantee you’ll spot a handful of ‘negative space’ eyeliner styles somewhere in the mix. Celebs like Dua Lipa, Malaika Arora, and Disha Patani have hopped on the trend wagon, and it is only going to bubble up bigger from here. Yup, the experimental eyeliner iterations sweeping the ‘gram right now are wonderfully fresh, fun, and modern-looking. The best bits?  It’s a stylish way to give off major cool-girl vibes with barely any effort, which is always the goal, right? 

So whether you’re bored of your regular cat-eye liner or are looking to switch things up – keep scrolling for fierce, high-octane negative space eyeliner styles that are going to be ‘it’ this season. 

Negative Space Eyeliner Is Having A Moment And It’s A Bold Update To Your Regular Eye Makeup

The Kinda Blues We Love

Cropping up on all of our favourite Instagram feeds, we came across this simple eye makeup look that’s perf for trendsetters. In essence, it’s basically applying a graphic liner look without any ( or over)  very natural shadow. This is an amazing way to update any makeup look and make it look cool. Being a great alternative to classic eyeliner, everyone can try it. 

For Music Festival Vibes

If you’re already a whizz at creating a wing, you’ll have no trouble with elevating the look with some negative space. The finished iterating is all down to your tool and product of choice. We suggest using a cream, gel or liquid liner if you’re exacting. Don’t use kohl liner as they tend to smudge more and won’t give a perfectly clean line. 

To Nail A Celeb-Approved Look

Want to ape this experimental eye makeup look? Yes? Grab a hot pint eyeliner or other hues such as slime green, bright blue or orange will also do the trick. Close one eye at a time and figure out where your crease is. Then, use your eyeliner to draw an arc above your highest crease. Start from the inner corner of your eye and draw the arc outwards, try to do it in one motion to create a crisp line instead of a jagged one. Then trace the eyeliner downwards till your under eye area to add a little more drama.

For A Fashion-Forward Look

All you have to do is apply a normal winged eyeliner and create another line just above the cut crease. And there’s plenty of ways to get creative. You can either play around with different shapes by joining the wing or leave the crease floating – anything that creates that ‘negative space’ finish. But don’t just stick with blues and black. Think bright hues, pinks, orange, and even lime green. 

To Make A Statement

Since negative space eyeliner is probably the most popular eye makeup trend of 2021, there’s no reason why minimalists cannot take part. We are here to empower you with this simple look that will take you literally 5 minutes to accomplish. Dua lipa’s smoky eyeshadow wings are perfect to upgrade your regular cat eye without going OTT. Any palette with peachy, bronze tones will work to recreate this look. Using a dense angled brush will help you apply it to perfection.

To Turn Head Wherever You Go

This look was definitely a wild card of the bunch for a number of reasons, but we definitely love it. Based on the autumn 2021 fashion shows and Instagram, metallic glitter like sequins, will be everywhere before we know it. Just swipe on a thick coat of metallic liner onto your crease line and lash line and don’t worry about the rest. 

Trust us, all eyes will be on ‘YOU’.

Featured Image: Instagram