Is The Era Of K-Beauty Coming To An End? Mira Kapoor Predicts The Next Big Skincare Trend

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Feb 25, 2021
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Whenever we seek skincare inspiration, we immediately look towards K-Beauty brands and trends. After all, it’s them who have been calling the shots for almost ten long years now. In such a short span of time, they’ve become one of the pioners of skincare and have changed the world’s perspective on it. To them, good skin is defined by how luminous and dewy it is in texture.

While South Korea is currently the hot spot for all things beauty, there is a cut-throat competition that exists between brands. With companies churning out new beauty products to stay relevant, at some point in time, the creativity has been exhausted. They’re nearing a saturation phase, and if they don’t act quick, this could be the end of K-Beauty as we know it.

The After-Effects of The Pandemic On K-Beauty Brands

K-Beauty Products


An interesting article surfaced on the internet a couple of days ago and made headlines because of its title. It predicted the end of K-Beauty’s golden age. Due to the pandemic, K-Beauty sales have taken a hit. Lack of tourists and a decline in exports have caused a solid dent in the industry.

Although skincare trends and concepts like dumpling skin, glass skin, and clean beauty, continue to thrive in the pandemic. Korean brands are struggling to find the next big trend in skincare. This read caught the eye of Mira Rajput Kapoor, and she took to the ‘Gram to post her take on it. Take a look at this screenshot from her story.

Mira Rajput Kapoor Beauty Secrets


Summarised in just two lines, Mira Rajput Kapoor emphasised the concept of A-Beauty. Simply put, A-Beauty means Ayurveda Beauty. It’s easy to see where she comes from because most of the beauty content she posts on the ‘Gram revolves around DIY skincare and clean beauty. 


Will A-Beauty Become Bigger Than K-Beauty?



There is a high possibility it could. Ayurveda has been around for almost 5,000 years now. Our ancestors also used to rely on home remedies to treat skin ailments. A-Beauty’s core philosophy is that true beauty comes from within. Based on knowing one’s dosha, A-Beauty brands can recommend products and treatments. Using natural ingredients, Ayurvedic principles. clever marketing strategies and sustainable packaging- A-Beauty could set the tone for skincare in the near future. However, time will tell. 

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K-Beauty Vs A-Beauty – who would you bet on? Nothing is set in stone yet, but there’s no harm in a little guess work, right?

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