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Instant Zen: These Are The Best Mind Relaxing Games You Can Play If You’re Feeling Stressed

Srishti GuptaSrishti Gupta  |  May 23, 2019
Instant Zen: These Are The Best Mind Relaxing Games You Can Play If You’re Feeling Stressed


Let’s be honest. Our lives, these days, are way more stressful than they were ever before. The constant pressure of coming out at the top, achieving what no one else has, being the best at our jobs, having perfect relationships and a great social life has us all running around to accomplish things. This not only takes a toll on us physically, but it also leaves us mentally burnt out and constantly on edge. This is why, in this day and age, anything that provides even temporary respite from the constant pressure is welcomed.

While you may not always have the time to meditate or get out of the city for a relaxing weekend getaway, there are some things you can do right here on your phone that will help you a lot. Yes, I did say that your mobile phone can be a source or relaxation instead of a stressor. How? By downloading some mind-relaxing games. The beautiful graphics and fun challenges will not only help put your mind at ease, but they will also provide relief from any anxiety or restlessness you may be feeling. Are you ready to download these and play away?

Mind Relaxing Games Importance 
Best Mind Relaxing Games Online

Why Are These Mind Relaxing Games Important?

Making time to find enjoyment is also an important element of relaxation therefore mind relaxing games are good source of relaxation.

1. They Help You Relax

This one’s a bit obvious. Mind relaxing games actually help you divert the attention from whatever is causing you distress and put your mind at ease. They aren’t violent like other games and usually, their graphics and music are so soothing, you’ll immediately feel better. Some games have actually been proven to provide relief from anxiety if you’re having a panic attack or are in a state of mind where everything seems overwhelming.

1 mind relaxing games

2. They Help You Sleep At Night

Sometimes when we’re stressed, we find ourselves unable to fall asleep. This is far too common because your mind goes into overdrive at night. While we know that it is not recommended to be in front of screens right before falling asleep, but if you’re having a really hard time, they can actually work wonders. 

3. They Help You Concentrate Better

When are you able to pay attention better? When you’re stressed and a thousand things are running through your brain or when you’re at ease, doing your work, knowing that things will be accomplished all on their own as you work on them one by one? Duh! The correct answer to this is when you’re calm and not worried!

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4. They Stimulate Your Mind

Just because they’re mind relaxing doesn’t mean they don’t come with a challenge. Some mind relaxing games online are actually puzzles that take real concentration to solve. Since you’re so at ease and you’re concentrating better, you actually won’t have a difficult time solving these puzzles 

2 mind relaxing games online

Best Mind Relaxing Games You Can Play

Are you looking for some online stress buster games? we have curate a great collection of hand-picked games suitable for keeping your thoughts away from stressful and annoying things.

  • Dots
  • Zen Koi
  • Flow
  • Monument Valley
  • Viridi
  • Dream Walker
  • Prune
  • Core
  • Pigment
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Alto’s Adventure

1. Dots

dots mind relaxing games

Dots is a beautiful game and let me tell you, not only is it super addictive, the calming repetition of the game actually helps calm your mind. All you need to do is connect the dots of the same colour vertically or horizontally. It’ll be even better if you can connect them in squares and rectangles to get extra points. As you progress, the levels get tougher but the initial ones are a breeze.  

Available on iOS and Android

2. Zen Koi 

As a child, I’ve always been fascinated with fishes. They move at leisure and have generally such a chill life. That’s why this game is one of my favourites. But be careful because this game, with its soothing music and calming water effects, has the tendency to put a lot of players to sleep. What do you have to do? Simple – you have to raise and breed beautiful fishes and they grow in size. You know you’ve done a good job when one of them becomes a dragon.

Available on iOS and Android

3. Flow

This one is like Dots but with a twist. There are multiple dots on a grid with two of each colour. All you have to do is connect all the dots to their corresponding colours to solve each level without crossing or overlapping. Doing that will cause the pipes to break and you’ll lose the level. You can even play against time in the Time Trial mode. This game may sound stressful but trust us, it is so relaxing and calming in reality. In the words of the developers, give the game a try and experience ‘mind like water’!

Available on iOS and Android

4. Monument Valley

monument valley mind relaxing games

This game comes recommended by yours truly. The number of times I’ve played it when stressed is crazy. In this puzzle game, you need to guide a princess through rotating paths and stairs, inspired by M.C. Escher, as the levels get increasingly complex as you advance. You might, once or twice, become a little frustrated by the difficulty by the captivating colours and complex but the beautiful design will keep you hooked.

Available on iOS and Android

5. Viridi

If you’re somebody who has always wanted to grow and take care of plants but has zero time for it, you’re going to want to download this one. You can grow and take care of a pot of succulents in real time with this game. Not only are these plant babies going to be easier to tend to than the real ones, which have a tendency to wilt if not taken care of, but they’re also available to you at any time for you to show them some TLC. 

Available on iOS and Android

6. Dream Walker

You know you’re bound to fall asleep at some point if you’re playing an endless runner game where you’re guiding a girl, Anna, who sleepwalks through various adventures in her dreams. The background score of the game is amazing and as you advance, the levels get faster and more challenging. All you have to do is control her turns and movements and you’re set… to go into a deep sleep!

Available on iOS and Android

7. Prune

prune mind relaxing

The game is as simple as its name. You’re in charge of a bonsai tree and your job is simply to only cultivate what matters and only keep that while you get rid of the rest. With a monochrome colour palette, the game is all about the beauty of cultivating something and seeing it come to life. You’ll eventually uncover a story hidden in the soil.

Available on iOS and Android

8. Core

A game that’s meant to be played in the dark, Core, with its tranquil music and black and white theme will relax you so fast, you won’t know what hit you. In the game, there is a white source of light, called the core, which goes through puzzles and all you need to do is tap to move it ahead. The beautiful thing though is that every time you tap, it creates a heartbeat sound which is perfectly in sync with the complementing music.

Available on Android

9. Pigment

Do you remember how relaxing colouring was as a child? The mindless but time-consuming activity of filling colours into lines and making pictures come to life. Well, now you may not have the time to buy a physical colouring book but you can always get a digital one. This one has beautiful pictures for you to fill colours into with digital colour pencils. Trust us, it’s quite therapeutic.

Available on iOS and Android

10. Jigsaw Puzzle

jigsaw puzzle mind relaxing games

Another activity that I found really calming as a child was doing jigsaw puzzles. Having multiple pieces thrown in front of you to put together to create a picture that you can see on the box gave me a goal to look forward and once I was done, I felt like I’d accomplished something. Now that we don’t have the time to do it in real life, we can always do it digitally with this game. Get to work whenever you want to zone out. Best part? You’ll never lose the pieces!

Available on iOS and Android

11. Alto’s Adventure

The thing about endless runner games is that they are so relaxing because even when they’re complicated, they require your full attention without giving you any stress. Those familiar with the endless runner genre will immediately recognize the gameplay in Alto’s Adventure. Basically, you’re a snowboarder who rides through beautifully crafted scenery, collecting coins and making big jumps and stuff. It’s easy to just zone out and enjoy the ride.

Available on iOS and Android

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