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Mid-Length Hair? 6 Easy (And Pretty!) Styles You’ve Got To Try!

Mid-Length Hair? 6 Easy (And Pretty!) Styles You’ve Got To Try!

Styling your hair can be very confusing and time consuming if you don’t know the right styles & techniques. Especially if it’s that in between length – neither long nor short, so you can’t even leave it completely alone or wrap it up into a fancy updo, and usually settle for a ponytail or a bun. Give your mane a major makeover with these 6 fab hairstyles for girls with medium hair. If your hair is in that in-between length, experiment with these chic styles, and you’re sure to make a dramatic entry into any room.

All you will need are some bobby pins, tail combs and hair ties. Don’t believe us? Check out these super easy hairstyles for medium hair of every hair texture!

1. The Headband Braid

Girly, flirty and cute, we love this super easy hairstyle for girls with medium hair for keeping our bangs off our face in style.


Step 1: Take a section of hair on the top of your head on either side. Make sure it’s not too thick. Make a simple 3-section plait with these sections on either side.

Step 2: Tug on both braids to loosen them a little.

Step 3: Take all the hair that is in between both the braids and clip it back.

Step 4: Lift each braid and pull them across your crown to the other side and secure with bobby pins. Make sure to pin them in such a way that your hair cascades over the ends of the braids.

2. Waterfall half-twist

The waterfall half twist is a quick and easy hairstyle for medium hair that pins your hair back into a cute bohemian twist. The best part? It’s just 3 twists and a pin. Perfect for all of those days your hair feels limp and your bangs disobey!


Step 1: Brush your hair to remove any knots.

Step 2: Take a fairly large section from your front hairline/ your bangs and split it into two (this section of hair should be as thick as you want your waterfall braid to be).  Twist the top section around the bottom.

Step 3: Then, take a small section of hair from right the top and place it in between the twist. Twist the two sections again over this new strand of hair.

Step 4: Take another small section from above the second twist and place it in between. Repeat the twist around this hair too.

Step 5: Repeat this same step to get the third waterfall twist. You can do more than 3 twists if you like. Make sure each section you add is relatively thick.

Step 6: Lift up your hair and place the ends of the twist underneath so that all edges are covered and pin into place.

3. Waterfall headband

This cute hairstyle for medium hair is perfect for when you want your hair pulled back yet remain super chic. This back to school hairstyle for girls with medium hair doubles up as a braided headband. Great for those with wavy and curly hair and it takes less than 5 minutes!


Step 1: Section your hair into a deep side parting. The easiest way to do this is to use the end of your eyebrow as guide for where to begin the deep side parting.

Step 2: Take a small section of hair from this side part and make a regular plait and secure the end with a hair tie. Don’t make the plait too tight.

Step 3: Go back to the very top of the braid and pull at the first outer loop and stick your finger through it.

Step 4: Take a small piece of hair from the front and pull it through this loop. That is the first stitch of your braid.

Step 5: Continue this for the first few outside bumps until you are satisfied with the way the headband looks. Don’t go all the way down the braid; just do this until you reach above the end of your eyebrow.

Step 6: Take the braid and pin it towards the back of your head.

Step 7: Take all of the hair you brought through the plait and tease it with a comb. This will ensure that it stays in place.

4. Three-way (twist)

This easy peasy hairstyle for medium hair is sure to save you a lot of time in the mornings when that curly hair gets too much to handle. To create this look, all you need is messy curly hair and 3 hair ties. For all you ladies with ‘real’ curls, we know how difficult it can be to manage them. Don’t let your mane bring you down. This hairstyle for girls with medium hair is going to make all that mane look fabulously mane-tained! And it’s only going to take you 5 minutes.


Step 1: Create 3 ponytails on your head. Take the first one at your temples, the second at level with your ears and the third right at the nape of your neck. Secure these with clear or hair colored elastics.

Step 2: You need to twist each ponytail over and above itself. Which essentially means that you need to create a small gap above the elastic and flip the ponytail in through that gap – thus creating a twist. Tighten the elastic upwards once you’re through.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 on the second and third ponytail as well. Just remember to tuck the previous pony through the hole of the next pony. Then you can continue your twist. This ensures that each pony is safely secured into the next. Tighten the elastic once you are done with the twist.

Step 4: If you want to finish the look off with a bun, roll up your hair and tuck it inwards. Secure this with a few bobby pins.

5. The Super Simple Side Braid

No one will know that this complicated-looking braid barely took you only a few minutes! Don’t worry, it can be done just as easily on mid-length hair as it can on long hair.


Step 1:  Pick up a section of hair on the side at your hairline in the front and begin lace braiding it.

Step 2: Make a lace braid. A lace braid is a modified version of a French braid, where instead of adding in hair on both sides, you only add it from one side.

Step 3: Continue braiding like this till you reach the back of your head.  Then, braid the ends of your hair as a normal plait. Secure at the end with an elastic.

6. Twisties In A Ponytail

This simple style helps bring an extraordinary twist to an ordinary ponytail. You can try this hairstyle for medium hair with a higher ponytail if your hair in front isn’t long enough to reach the back.


Step 1: Make a centre part and then section away the front of your hair on either side by clipping away all the hair in front of your ears. Pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail at the back.

Step 2: Now from your front sections that are hanging loose, take a one and a half inch wide bit of hair right in front of your ear and twist it to the end. Then, bring it to the back and wind it around the base of the ponytail and pin it under it. Do the same with a small section on the other side.

Step 3: Keep picking up thin sections of hair and twisting them before pinning them below the ponytail on both sides. Do this till all the hair in the front has been twisted and pinned below the base of the ponytail.

That’s it. Easy hairstyles for medium hair that are Effortless yet glamorous!

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05 May 2016

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