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Meet Denim Nails, The Latest Trend That’s All Over Instagram & Soon, Your Hands Too!

Meet Denim Nails, The Latest Trend That’s All Over Instagram & Soon, Your Hands Too!

If there is one piece of clothing I never thought I’d miss, it is my jeans. Yes, they are tight, stick to my skin, and all in all, make me feel pretty uncomfortable when I’m eating a hearty meal or out on a sunny day. But ever since lockdown started, I’ve not worn my jeans even once and, hell, I miss them! PJs and tracks are comfy alright but they don’t shape my legs as jeans do.

So, if you miss some denim in your life but don’t feel like sitting all jacked up in jeans at home, we have a jeanius nail art idea for you that’ll do the trick, making you feel denimite! Geddit? It’s all over Instagram and soon, your hands too!

The Denim Stitch

Nothing says denim quite as well as celebrating the classic contrast stitching on it, so why should your nails miss out?

All In The Details

For me, this is a cross between marble nails and denim nails and I love it. Mixing viral beauty trends and creating a whole new style totes works! Looks just like my pair of acid-washed jeans!

A Li’l Mix And Match

While you’re at it, why not add some colour besides blue to your nails? I love how she’s mixed and matched different aspects of denim and incorporated them together on a surface as tiny as nails. Wow!

For The Love Of Demin

Shading and details–this nail art is all about getting the texture of the material right and I think they’ve totally got it.

A Pocket You Never Knew You Needed

OMG, look at those little bronze sequins on the nails, it’s truly about how closely you want to replicate your favourite pair.

Shine On!

These high on gloss gel nails are gorgeous because of the colour tones they’ve used. Blending seamlessly together yet acing that contrast, these are the best of both worlds.

Print On Print On Print

There’s an Aztec print, there are stars, there are multiple shades of blue, and there is denim–it still doesn’t look too much. Gorgeous right?

Rip Me Apart

Ripped denim looks so good when you wear it as bottoms and even on your nails! Exhibit A^. We love the matte finish and the threadwork detailing here.

It’s Called Fashion, Look It Up

Loose mom jeans and these nails, what’s not to fall in love with? With bead and ripped detailing, this one is for the people who look to add a little fun everywhere.

Keep It Simple, Silly

Another idea is trying the denim nails trend only on one or two fingers and keeping the rest in a neutral beige tone. This way the nails look understated yet grab the attention.

Convinced? Thought so! If you want to recreate this nail trend and glam up your Instagram, we’ve got some products that might help you achieve them denim nails. Here you go:

Ready to nail it yet?

Featured Image: Instagram

21 Jul 2020

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