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8 Barbie-Inspired Nail Designs To Bookmark For Your Next Mani 

8 Barbie-Inspired Nail Designs To Bookmark For Your Next Mani 

Barbie fever is here! The Barbiecore aesthetic shone down on us last year and is still going strong thanks to the film. Whether you’re team Barbie or team Oppenheimer, you can’t deny that pink is everywhere and if you’re not on the bandwagon yet, it’s not too late!

Whether you’re an all-out pink girlie at heart or are just looking to experiment with the shade, there’s no better way to sport it than on your nails. Looking for some inspo? We gotchu!

Barbie Tips

Don’t want to go all out with the colour just yet? Start off by just painting the tips of your nails a bright fuschia shade. Like French tips but Barbie. Whether you’re DIY-ing it or getting it done at the salon, these are so easy to recreate and barely take any time!

Love Is In The Air

Yes, Valentine’s Day is long gone but that doesn’t mean we lose the aesthetic altogether! Take the Barbie tips a notch higher by adding small hearts to the mani in a shade of lighter or darker pink, to contrast the tips. So cute, no?


Barbiecore But Make It Abstract

Not too much of a heart person but still don’t know what design you want? Try everything, all at once! Choose two contrasting shades of pink and experiment with patterns like flames, hearts, stars, eyes, and even checks. There’s no going wrong with this one.

Aura Dreams

Aura nails were all the rage a few months ago. Bring back the celebrity-approved trend with dual-toned aura nails that Dua Lipa said symbolised an open heart and the willingness to embrace love!

Flower Power

If you’re not a pink person at all, we still have something for you that fits the aesthetic. Think flowers in every colour and recreate them on your digits. While the idea is to have some pink, you can also throw in a few different colours like blues and purples to stay close to the colour palette.

Pink Up Your Life

If you’re all about the fuss-free look but still want to get in on the trend, you think just like Camila Cabello! The singer got a bright pink manicure with no extra sparkle, shine, or art. Her nails are perfect if you’re looking to keep it simple.


Barbie Nails But Make It Chrome

Hot pink nails are everywhere thanks to the film. Give your nails a slight upgrade by adding a chrome finish for that extra sparkle and shine.

A Pink-tastic Vibe

Or play it just like real-life Barbie, Margot Robbie did! For the premiere of her film, the Hollywood star opted for bright pink nails with a drizzle of glitter over them, possibly to embody the whole ‘Come on Barbie, let’s go party’ vibe.

DIY With These Products

If you’re looking to DIY your Barbie mani, here are some products that will get the job done, no fuss!

Just remember, there’s no such thing as too much pink!


Featured Image: Instagram

21 Jul 2023

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