Based On Your Zodiac, These Are The Jeans You Should Be Wearing!

Based On Your Zodiac, These Are The Jeans You Should Be Wearing!

Mortals, we are back again with a dose of high fashion to help you decide on one of the important facets of life: the neverending question of what do I wear next? We know the issue of having a number of options to shop from and yet being confused about the end result. Coming to the subject of jeans, that perennial wardrobe essential you cannot live without, there are now newer options in sight. Want a hazy-hued denim? You got it. Embroidered jeans to raise the bar at work? Why not, go for it! In a nutshell, the bazillion options will leave you wide-eyed for sure. So to streamline it, we sorted it—you guessed it right—according to your zodiac. Sounds fun? Wait till you see the jeans you will be wearing. 


The first of the zodiac signs, Aries shows a distinctive sense of style and my oh my, why does that not surprise us. Well, majorly because they are super dynamic, vibrant and inspiration somehow always manages to find them. The fact that they are spontaneous and L-O-V-E attention may show in their selection of clothes as well. You may shout off all the relevant information you want about 'jeans' from the rooftops, but if an Aries girl wants to wear a skirt instead, she will. 

Our Pick: An eye-catching denim skirt that looks like a pair of jeans from a distance.

Style It With: Not like you are going to listen to us Aries, but a vest or a camisole should work fine. 




Well hello there, sign of the bull! Your unending focus and poise continue to astound us all. How does one manage to keep so cool and calm-headed in all scenarios? Coming to style, it's quite obvious that your subtle glamour is reflected in your sartorial tastes, which is why a top-notch distinct pair of jeans is our pick for you. Believe us when we say that it's just as cool as you are, girl!

Our Pick: Jeans featuring panels, tape details, slits, rips, the works. 

Style It With: A basic t-shirt that keeps the attention on your 'piece of art' jeans.



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Gemini, where to begin?! You are smart, fearless, outgoing and charming, all rolled up into one powerhouse of a human being. You are not afraid to stand out from the crowd with a bit lot of drama in tow, so your outfit shouldn't be anything short of stunning. We got you something that matches your striking persona, and your flair for E-X-T-R-A. Go all out. 

Our Pick: A noticeable version with a faded effect for the rockstar that you are.

Style It With: A black tee or a blouson for maximum impact. 




More intuitive than the rest of the zodiacs put together, Cancerians are in sync with their spiritual selves. Loving and protective of their possessions, the people under this sign like to feel secure and are most comfortable in familiar surroundings. Whilst on the subject of style, an outfit that puts their comfort in the forefront comes to mind. 

Our Pick: A pair of basic, panelled jeans that is equal parts striking and comfy. 

Style It With: Anything; everything goes!




All the Leo peeps, chant with us in unison - "We love attention and we cannot lie!". This sign's penchant for reveling in attention and their iconic stance when it comes to self-love is well known. When in the presence of a Leo, expect drama, and loads of it, for these passionate humans will stop at nothing to reach dizzying heights of captivating charm. 

Our Pick: A sexy snake print number that is oh-so-chic. 

Style It With: A solid tee or a button-down that complements the colour tone of the jeans. 




Leave it to a Virgo to rein in the chaos. Their love for order knows no bounds, and when it comes to completing a task, Virgos are highly productive and they will not stop till they get things done. Their inclination towards all things perfect leads to great attention to detail, so if you were thinking about sneaking something right under their eyes, we suggest you forget it. In terms of style, their fashion quotient is based on utility-inspired choices that are fuss-free. 

Our Pick: A wide-legged dark denim that is timeless.

Style It With: A denim shirt to go the double denim route or a basic white tee. 


POPxo Recommends: Washed Mid-Rise Flared Jeans (Rs 2330) 


Librans, are you reading this while sitting calmly in the great outdoors? If you aren't, we bet you are thinking about it. Apart from your love for the adventures that are outside the confines of your home, we know how your interest of aesthetics drives you, and rest assured, we got the perfect pair of jeans to match your personality!

Our Pick: In-vogue jeans featuring frayed hems. 

Style It With: Tees, camis, tank tops or dainty blouses.


POPxo Recommends: Mid-Rise Flared Jeans with Frayed Hems (Rs 897) 


What does a private person who likes their anonymity like? To blend in, for sure. Don't get us wrong, Scorpios are high on the scales of passion so whatever they do, they like to be in control of the process. Does that translate into dressing habits too? We sure think so, and hence we picked something that is comfortable, smart, and chic. 

Our Pick: A versatile pair of skinny black jeans with side stripes. 

Style It With: A shirt and a jacket layered together to perfection. 8-Jeans-According-To-Your-Zodiac

POPxo Recommends: Contrast Side Stripe Skinny Jeans (Rs 1899) 


You don't rest, do you, Saggitarians? The impulsive and outgoing nature of these risk-taking humans is a marvel in itself. So once done with exploring a subject or a place, they like to move on and experience what lies beyond. Travel undoubtedly plays a vital part in the process, so we got something trendy and yet comfortable for these globetrotters to don on their vacays. Bon voyage Saggitarians, send us a postcard. 

Our Pick: Ripped denim shorts with the IT-factor of comfort. 

Style It With: Might we suggest a graphic tee? They really do work wonders. 


POPxo Recommends: Button Through Ripped Raw Hem Denim Shorts ( Rs 1048) 


If there is anyone who takes responsibility for being practical within the zodiac signs, it's Capricorn. They move forward at a high speed because they are the quintessential go-getters who don't stop. They have high standards, mind you, and when it comes to style, they prefer something that's not too bling and out there. Think up to date meets sophisticated.  

Our Pick: Basic jeans in all their glory. 

Style It With: T-shirts for fun and shirts for work. 


POPxo Recommends: BAGGY JEANS (Rs 2790) 


If there is a rally happening, you can be sure to spot an Aquarius standing there with a powerful slogan poster in tow. Activists by nature, Aquarians sure know a thing or two more than the rest of us about voicing their opinion, something we could all learn from these orderly ladies. For style, they go big as opposed to going home, wearing ensembles that are cosy and yet bound to catch your eye. 

Our Pick: A pair of denim dungarees with rips and rivets in place. 

Style It With: A tee of your choice. 


POPxo Recommends: Denim dungarees (Rs. 2,699) 


A hint of drama, loads of art and creative instincts are powerful characteristics of Pisces people, who are full of imagination. Need help in getting your home redone? They will have an array of ideas. Considering their artistic expressions, it's pretty normal if you see them wearing offerings that feature the unconventional. 

Our Pick: An embroidered denim, of course!

Style It With: A minimalistic tee to balance the drama. 


POPxo Recommends: Embroidered Mid-Calf Jeans with Distress (Rs 1170) 

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