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Deepika Padukone’s Latest Makeup Look Is Proof That A Highlighter Is A Girl’s Best Friend

Deepika Padukone’s Latest Makeup Look Is Proof That A Highlighter Is A Girl’s Best Friend

Leave it to everybody’s favourite heartthrob to set the internet on fire! Yup, we’re talking about none other than the Bollywood sensation – Deepika Padukone. Granted, she is not known to be regular with her Instagram posts, or to flood the internet with her gala pics on a daily, but when she does, it’s a treat for all of her fans (including us)! Yesterday, DP attended the 83rd Red Sea International Film Festival, and her gorgeous look is something straight out of a romance novel.

Like A Bollywood Diva

If you want to recreate this romantic look on your own, we have just the right recipe for you. Follow these 4 simple steps and you will be able to ace this Bollywood-Esque glowy glamm in a matter of minutes!

Step 1: Skin To DEW List

Start by moisturizing your skin well for a dewy makeup base. Use a brightening primer and a dewy finish foundation for this makeup look. Conceal your problem areas with a true tone concealer and brighten your under eyes ever so lightly with a concealer not more than one shade lighter than your skin tone. Add dimension to your face by subtly contouring your cheeks and highlighting the high points of your face with a seamless highlighter.

Step 2: Brow Game: Strong

The brows and eyes are the heroes of this makeup look. Start by plucking any stray eyebrow hair that might be growing out of your eyebrow line. Then brush your brows upwards and fill in the gaps if any by using an eyebrow pencil. Lastly, set your brows in an upwards brushed fashion with an eyebrow gel or soap.

Step 3: Lost In The Eyes

The key to this romantic makeup look is Deepika’s eye makeup. It is a very minimal smoky eye that makes her look doe-eyed and subtly sultry at the same time. Begin by forming a deep brown eyeshadow base on your eyelid. Then pick a black eyeshadow and blend it closer to your lash line and under your waterline. Pick a dark brown and add accents to your smokey eye and under your waterline. Try to use light hands to avoid making this look messy. Finish by lining your waterline with kajal and adding a pair of natural-looking falsies. You can also add coloured lenses for a more dramatic effect.

Step 4: Seal It With A Kiss

Pick your favourite nude lipstick with deep brown undertones and a hint of marsala to finish this look. Opt for a creamy lipstick that’s not too matte to match the dewy finish of the entire makeup look.

Are you ready to recreate this Deepika approved glamm for your next date?

Featured Images: Instagram

16 Dec 2021

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