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10 Mini Makeup Products That Will Serve As Your Perfect Vacay Companions

10 Mini Makeup Products That Will Serve As Your Perfect Vacay Companions

We were just getting ready to go back to our normal lives and travel bucket lists when the news of a new variant broke out. We don’t know what we did to make the naughty list, but it looks like we’re all getting lumps of coal instead of vacation itineraries this Christmas. But guess what? We’re not Santa, and we only have one list – the makeup hoarder list. However naughty or nice, everybody wants to be on it and reap some goodie insider benefits. Here’s one for when the world is finally ready for you to explore – the Mighty Minis!

Travel Friendly Makeup You Need To Stock Up On


Listed below are some of our favourite mini makeup products that will make the perfect Glamm squad when you’re travelling. Less baggage space or a decluttered travel-friendly vanity, come what may! These mighty mini makeup products will never fail when it comes to acing a full-blown Glamm while travelling.

Travel Vanity Status: Not A Mess

Grab on to the trendiest bunch of eyeshadow shades with this mini eyeshadow palette that can even fit in a mini bag like a dream.

Glow In A Palette

No bag space? No problem! Stash your eyeshadow, blush, translucent powder and highlighter in your bag with only this one palette.

We’re CRUSHIN’ On This One

Your favourite Bobbi Brown lippie comes in a mini travel-friendly packaging, and we need all the shades STAT!

Baby Beauty Blenders

Yeah, your makeup is all mini and travel-friendly, but what about your makeup applicator? Yup, we’ve got that covered too!

Truly Travel Friendly

While lipsticks are one of the most travel-friendly makeup products anyway, Maybelline went and made them even more travel-friendly! Try these mini sachets of their infamous matte lipsticks next time you travel.

For Makeup That Won’t Budge

M.A.C has found the perfect solution for your priming and setting needs in one mini bottle for when you’re travelling. Add to cart? Check!

Never Missing Out On That Glow!

You won’t be able to find mini versions of many foundations, but lucky for you, we found one for everybody’s absolute favourite! No more compromising on your travel-friendly makeup vanity.

Good Skin Filter For Your Travel-Friendly Vanity

Here’s what’s better than your Snapchat and Instagram filters – an IRL makeup filter that can fit in the smallest makeup bag!

Here’s What’s Better Than Sex!

It’s obviously makeup, but to be specific, this mascara. Lengthen and volumize your lashes on the go with the travel-friendly version of this best-selling Too Faced mascara.

Blushed Babe Never Misses

And neither do we! Here’s a mini blush that will keep you blushing anytime, anywhere.

Which one of these mighty minis will make it to your travelling makeup bag?

Featured Image: Instagram

15 Dec 2021

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