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Makeup Basics Every Bride Should Know Before Booking A Bridal MUA!

Anannya ChatterjeeAnannya Chatterjee  |  May 31, 2018
Makeup Basics Every Bride Should Know Before Booking A Bridal MUA!


To get your bridal makeup on point, you first need to get the basics right. There are certain things that you need to know before booking your makeup artist. While professionals will assure you of the best of products and techniques, there are a few basics that even you, as an amateur need to know. After all, it’s always good to be aware, right? Be clear about what exactly you are looking for before you set off to find your dream artist. Here are eight makeup basics every bride should know before booking an MUA. 

1. Beauty treatments and makeup packages are two different things

First thing first, beauty treatments and makeup packages are not the same. You need a proper skincare routine for healthy, glowing skin from within. It’s something that no amount of makeup can beat. Your makeup will only enhance your features and cover your dark spots and make it even toned. The glow comes from your healthy skin and stays for much after the wedding too. 

2. Which package will you pick?  

From airbrush makeup to HD to mineral makeup, there are a lot of new techniques, styles and products out there. But you need to be careful and not just follow the fancy names that your makeup artist suggests. Do your homework to find out what works best for you. Here’s a little help: 

3. Airbrush makeup is suitable for oily skin

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This is a whole new technique of makeup application and is strongly recommended for brides with oily skin. The technique uses an air gun machine which gives you a matte finish and an even toned layer of makeup with making you look OTT. It’s nontransferable but is expensive compared to other makeup packages.   

4. HD makeup won’t stay as long as airbrush

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Suitable for all skin types, HD makeup will hide all your skin problems. Your acne, breakouts, dark circles, blemishes and everything else. It gives you the best clicks of your wedding too, but it doesn’t stay as long as airbrush does. 

5. Heard of mineral makeup?

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Yes, ladies. There’s a thing called mineral makeup too. If you hate heavy and layered makeup and are more inclined towards a natural look, then you can go for mineral makeup. These are fine powders that are made without any wax or oil. This can be easily applied using fingers, brushes or beauty blenders. 

6. Don’t fret over brands

Don’t get carried away by brands. Bobbi Brown, MAC and Kryolan are the most hyped bridal beauty brands but it’s not always about going for the most expensive brands to get your desired look. It’s about how skillfully the makeup has been applied. It’s all in the details and the products that suit your skin type. 

7. Match your outfit with your makeup

Not just your skin, your outfit needs a bit of consideration too when it comes to finalizing the kind of makeup you want for your wedding. So while you’re all set for smokey eyes, your blingy outfit may not really compliment it. Don’t have set makeup styles in mind, coz, in the end, your makeup will be what your outfit demands. 

8. Ask your MUA for a trial session

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To shoo away all the dilemmas about how you will look on your wedding day, it’s always a good idea to get a trial done which gives you a clear picture of what you want. Try out different styles and products to see what works before committing. Ask them about their trial rates and negotiate.
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