8 Questions To Ask Your Bridal Make-up Artist Before You Book Them!

8 Questions To Ask Your Bridal Make-up Artist Before You Book Them!

What’s that one thing that has you fretting all the time during your wedding? Needs no guesses, girls! It’s the concern about getting your bridal make-up on point! And before you start giving away the advance paycheque to your make-up artist, it’s always important to schedule a meeting with her before you commit. Here are some key questions you need to ask your MUA before taking the plunge. Read on…

1. Are you available on my wedding day? Do you have other assignments?

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It’s possible that the make-up artist you have been dreaming about to book for your big day is not available during your dates. It’s always good to know well in advance to avoid disappointments at the last moment. Also, ask if there's an overload of assignments. If yes, then there might be chances of her arriving late if she has other commitments on the same day. To avoid any of this, it’s best to book months in advance - as soon as your dates are fixed is when you should start doing this.

2. Do you work on location?

If you want your bridal make-up to be done at your house or hotel room instead of going all the way to his/her studio, this is a very important question to ask.

3. Do you give a trial run before the wedding day?

To shoo away all the dilemmas about how you will look on your wedding day, it’s always a good idea to get a trial done which gives you a clear picture of what you want. Try out different styles and products to see what works before committing. Ask them about their trial rates and negotiate.

4. Can I have a look at your portfolio?

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DO NOT go by word of mouth and reviews that you read about them. Your personal opinion matters and for that, you need to flip through the portfolio and know the kind of make-up the artist usually does. If the MUA’s style leans more towards heavy make-up and you want it minimalistic, then you still have time to look for other options.

5. What products do you use?

An extremely important thing for you to know. You don’t want to find out on D-day that he/she is using products that you don’t approve of. This is particularly important if you’re a bride with sensitive skin. It’s definitely better you know well in advance to avoid any havoc or last moment panic attacks. This is another reason why a trial is a great idea.

6. Do you want to see pictures of make-up looks I already like?

You may have done your own research on Instagram and Pinterest, and now is the time to show him/her the references and preferences you have. This will help the MUA understand better the kind of looks and make-up styles that suit your aesthetics. If your input isn’t well received, then that may be a red flag to look for other options.

7. What does the amount quoted include? Are there any extra charges?

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Always make sure you know the entire breakup of the amount your make-up artist has quoted you. Whether it’s just the make-up or it includes hair as well. Is draping and nail polish application included as well? Hair extensions also come at an extra cost, so you definitely need to clarify these things beforehand, you don’t want to deal with last moment surprises. If your mother and sister will also be getting their hair and make-up done, try negotiating for a better price or package for all of you.

8. What look would you suggest for me?

Apart from the references you have in mind, it’s always important to know from the expert what look will suit you the best according to your face type and outfit. Do not leave these discussions for the wedding day, you don’t want to deal with confusions or being forced to rush the getting-ready processor - that can really wreak havoc on your nerves. Just remember to plan as much in advance to help stay relaxed and look fantabulous!

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