Dear Bride, 10 Things Your Makeup Artist Wants You To Know!

Dear Bride, 10 Things Your Makeup Artist Wants You To Know!

Every bride-to-be is super excited about everything - from the wedding location, her lehenga to her her makeup artist. It’s important for a bride to look her best on the big day and for that she looks for the best makeup artist she can find. Sure, you have your ideas about your looks for the wedding functions, but there are certain essential things you need to keep in mind. We’ve listed a few things below, that your potential bridal makeup artist might want to tell you. Brides-to-be, you need to read this before hiring your MUA.

1. Always go for trials

1 bridal makeup artist - go for makeup trials

Before doing any other important task in the world, set up a makeup trial! Don’t even think about hiring any MUA before you have seen their work on your face. It’s also important for you to know what makeup products suit you and what tone you should go for. You must always see an artist’s work before you hire them, so brides-to-be, make sure to book an appointment with various MUAs before hiring one!

2. Have some idea beforehand

Let’s get real ladies, deciding on a makeup artist is actually a big deal. Like any other woman in this world, you’d want to look absolutely spectacular on your wedding day and other functions as well. You must do some research online and ask other brides about the artists they hired for their weddings. Every MUA has their own USP and the techniques of some of them might not go according to your taste. It’s always better to do some research beforehand.

3. Don’t depend entirely on social media

3 bridal makeup artist - dont depend entirely on social media

Social media has provided us with numerous platforms to see an artist’s work. And as any other bride-to-be, you too must have spent hours on Instagram or Pinterest to look for specific bridal makeup styles. But, when you are sitting in the salon, with your potential MUA applying makeup on your face, be open to ideas.

4. Book your MUA months in advance

A bride-to-be should always book her makeup artist at least six months in advance. It’s highly possible that you might be getting married during the peak wedding season. And so, there’s a chance you might not be able to book your preferred MUA 2-3 months before your wedding. Even the makeup artists have more clients during that time and it’s better if you book one in advance so that you can finalize the trials accordingly.

5. Don’t be afraid to speak up

5 bridal makeup artist - communicate with your makeup artist

Ladies, it’s extremely important to be on the same page as your MUA, otherwise, you won’t be satisfied with your look. If you don’t like something your makeup artist has done, be honest and communicate. There’s no point in sitting there and getting unsatisfactory results when you actually know what you want and how you want to look on your big day. MUAs are always open to suggestions as they too want you to look your best.

6. Get your beauty treatments done in advance

It’s important to know what your skin type is so that you know what kind of makeup products you have to stay away from. Make sure to go to your doctor immediately after your wedding date is decided. Any kind of treatment on your skin will take time and any MUA in the world can’t hide all major skin issues with makeup. Tell your MUA about your skin problems and ask them to take necessary measures, as well.

7. Opt for a makeup session

7 bridal makeup artist - go for a full makeup session

Apart from going on trials, you can also get proper makeup done by your MUA. Book your artist for your friend’s wedding or even your engagement. Also, you can ask for a full makeup session with your Indian jewellery and outfit. This will give you a fair idea about how you are going to look on your wedding day.

8. Keep separate teams for your bridal party

This is important, girls! It’s your big day and obviously, YOU are going to be the center of attention. To get proper attention from your MUA and her team, it’s better that you book a different studio and MUAs for your bridal party. Another reason this is a good idea is that you’ll be able to get ready without any interference from anyone else. It might be possible if someone you know is getting ready in the same salon, they might have different opinions about your look. Hence, book separate teams!

9. Don’t demand the impossible

9 bridal makeup artist - take care of your skin for gorgeous skin

It’s quite obvious that every bride-to-be wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day. But, asking your MUA to look like a particular celebrity or anyone else is asking for too much. Also, no amount of makeup can hide years of skin damage and that’s why it is necessary that you get necessary skin treatments done beforehand.

10. Lastly, have some trust

Your makeup artist is a pro and has been in the industry for years, probably. Have some trust in their decisions as they look at the bigger picture. They understand how you’re going to look under gigantic lights and it’s important that you have faith in them. They are professionals for a reason, after all.

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