New Year, New You: 10 Easy Ways To *Change* Your Look In 2017!

Sanya JainSanya Jain  |  Dec 27, 2016
New Year, New You: 10 Easy Ways To *Change* Your Look In 2017!


The new year is here and we’re sure you’re excited! Are you ready to experiment with your look? We have some makeover tips that will help debut a whole new you in 2017! Check them out…

1. Splurge on a good lipstick…in a different shade

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Image: ColourPop Cosmetics on Instagram

If you’ve always stuck to safe pinks and nudes, 2017 is the year to experiment! Go buy that deep wine or metallic golden shade you’ve always wanted and flaunt it like a pro. Experiment with bold colours and finishes and get ready for the compliments to come your way.

2. Dip dye your hair

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Image: Pulp Riot Hair Color on Instagram

What a fun and easy way to update your look! If you get tired of it, you can simply chop it off! Dip dyes can be as natural and as funky as you want them to be. Whether it’s a natural warm brown shade you want or a funky purple…you can go right ahead and experiment!

3. Some fancy nail art

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Image: Madeline Poole on Instagram

It’s easy, it’s inexpensive…and what a fun way to take your style game up a notch! We say you ditch the french manicure for once and go for some nail art. It doesn’t have to be in-your-face loud either…it can be subtle, simple and charming. And perfect to bring 2017 in!

4. Find a good face mask for your skin

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Spend some time pampering your skin. It battles pollution and harmful UV rays every day, and it deserves some TLC. Spend some time every week by pampering it with a good face pack. After all, nothing beats the natural glow. You’ll see the difference in your skin’s quality and complexion from the first use itself. Here are some homemade face packs you can use.

5. Let your eyes do the talking

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Image: Namrata Soni on Instagram

Got an exciting party coming up? Why not try some different eye makeup? Graphic eyeliner is all the rage these days… You can make interesting designs on your eyelid and be the talking point at every social event!

6. Learn how to make your lips look fuller

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Image: Huda Kattan on Instagram

Always wanted that sexy pout? Well, you can learn a new makeup technique that will help you get fuller lips: lip contouring! Start by lining the outside of your lips in a darker shade and fill the inside with a lighter shade of the same colour. Pat on some blush in the centre and you’re good to go rock your sexy pout!

7. Invest in good skincare products

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Instead of spending your money on a lot of skincare products, choose quality over quantity. Read up on reviews and figure out what will suit your skin best. Invest in a few good skincare products and use them religiously to take care of your skin like it deserves.

8. Get a new haircut

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Image: Sanjana Batra on Instagram

Chop off a few inches. Get a fringe. Do something you’ve never tried before… After all, life is too short to live with boring hair! And always remember that your hair will grow back, so you have nothing to worry about.

9. Don’t forget your feet

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Your feet say a lot about you, so do make sure you don’t forget about them in 2017! Go for a pedicure, dress them up with pretty toe rings, apply a nail colour you love…

10. Highlight for high cheekbones

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Image: Maybelline New York on Instagram

You don’t need to do the whole foundation-concealer-corrector-contouring routine for enviable cheekbones. Just a swipe of highlighter on a good base can do the trick too! This will totally give you those enviable high cheekbones you’ve been looking for! If you haven’t tried a magical highlighter just yet, now is the time to do so. Your makeup routine will never be the same, we promise you!

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