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Nail It: How To Make Your Own Nail Polish At Home (Under Five Minutes)

Nail It: How To Make Your Own Nail Polish At Home (Under Five Minutes)

Ever since the coronavirus came into our lives, things have been anything but pleasant. Forget about going to salons, just going out for grocery runs fills your heart with fear. But if this lockdown has taught us anything, it is being atmanirbhar!

Admit it, we all have become quite the experts on how to make use of things in more than one way. And let’s not forget the jugaads and DIYs we’ve been whipping in the kitchen. So if you miss getting a manicure more than your man, you’re gonna love these fun ways to create a good nail paint in no time.

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Time To Make Your Own Nail Paints

Life isn’t perfect but your nails can be!

Don’t you miss getting your nails done at a salon? Those hour-long nail extension sessions or getting mani-pedis with your BFF, I miss them the most and I know you do too! Here’s how you can have fabulous nails in no time with these amazing DIY nail hacks. Trust me, these hacks will give you a fresh mani within minutes.

Crayon Nails 🌈

You’ll need: 

– Basecoat

– An old box of crayons

– A candle

– Spoon

– Cutter

Step 1: Cut a small piece of a crayon you like and place it on the spoon.

Step 2: Place the spoon over the candle and let the crayon melt off completely. 

Step 3: While cools down, apply a coat of basecoat on your nails.

Step 4: Using an old nail polish brush, apply the melted crayon onto your nails, and let it dry out completely.

Step 5: Once dried off, use a topcoat to seal your artwork!

This hack is super cheap and that’s not even the best part! You can totally use your nails to draw on a blank page (I’m sure some people would love to try this!).

Sparkly Nails ✨

You’ll need:

– Loose eyeshadow/glitter

– Clear polish

– An old newspaper or a tiny funnel

Step 1: Cut a small part of the newspaper and roll it into a DIY funnel!

Step 2: Use the funnel to carefully drop a pinch of loose glitter in clear polish and shake it well for a minute.

Step 3: Once the colour is evenly distributed in the bottle, do a colour test on your nails. Add more glitter if you wish too.

If you want to go a bit extra, add more shades of the loose glitter or even glitter chunks.

Lipstick Nails

You’ll need:

– An old lipstick

– Bowl

– Clear polish

Step 1: In a bowl, scoop out an entire lipstick and mash it a little.

Step 2: Next, empty a bottle of clear polish and keep stirring until everything mixes well. This should not take more than two minutes.

Step 3: Once it’s done, apply the stunning colour on your nails and let it dry!

There are other hacks you can try too such as,

– Using an old liquid lipstick to paint your nails.

– Using a marker to draw on your nails.

Just remember, no matter what you do, do not forget to seal it with topcoat!

These are not only super easy to do but also make for thoughtful gifts for your BFF. Am I right or am I right?

Featured Image: Pexels.com

05 Aug 2020

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