Entering The World Of Luxury Skincare? Here’s A Simple Beginners Guide

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Jul 23, 2021
Entering The World Of Luxury Skincare? Here’s A Simple Beginners Guide

POV: You have heard enough of your friend raving about that luxe cult-favourite and you are finally ready to dive deep into the luxe business of skincare. First order of business – make sure it’s a good skin-vestment. Second order of business – read this article to find out how to make a good skin-vestment.

Buying luxury skincare can be a tricky trade. You want to get every ounce of skin CARE that you paid for. You also want to feel boujee with aesthetic glass jars sitting on your dresser, but most importantly, you want your skin to get a healthy glow so that you can take bare-skinned selfies, don’t you (aren’t we a show-off)?

Treasure In Plain Sight


Let’s face it, when you are just “looking” at things on a skincare or makeup shopping site, you’re never just looking. One is naturally tempted to make huge dents in their bank accounts, and nothing feels worse if those sinning sultry creams break you out. Can you imagine the horror? I have lived through it and would not want my besties to go through any of that. Therefore, here is a list of tried and tested luxury skincare products that have rooted their position as cult-favourites for a reason. You do not have to go digging on shopping websites to find that one holy grail product for you, as I have compiled this list of skincare treasures hiding in plain sight, based on common skincare concerns.

The Queen Of Glowing Skin

This baby right here has to be the most sought after toner in the skincare community. Infused with 5% glycolic acid, Pixi Glow Tonic gently exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells which create a dull filter on the top of your skin. It also helps in getting rid of clogged pores, and light pigmentation. Popular for all the right reasons, this toner is suitable for all skin types.

The King Of Lightweight Hydration

You’re not a skincare fanatic if you’ve never heard about this moisturizer. Clinique Moisture Surge belongs to the ruling party of the skincare politics, and we all voted for it. For when you’re looking for intense hydration ina lightweight formula, this is your best bet.

The Haughty Healer

Among other anti-acne products by Kiehl’s this one specifically steals the show. Enriched with salicylic acid for chemical exfoliation and vitamin E for nourishment, this formula is perfectly balanced to zap your acne and blemishes in time for your next rager.

To Quench Dry Skin

This luxury Korean skincare will have you buying it in bulk! A beautiful composition of Korean herbal ingredients, Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum is a Godsent for dry skin types. Restoring everything that dryness makes you lose out, like moisture, vitality, elasticity, nourishment and resilience, this serum is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Fountain Of Youth

Another wildly popular luxury skincare – Estee Lauder’s ANR comes highly recommended from most skincare enthusiasts. Perfect for anti-ageing skincare, this product is a suitable buy for beginner, as well as experienced skin. Get this one in your shopping cart, and get a subscription beacuse you will not be replacing it anytime soon.

A One-For-All

Whether you have dry skin, or oily, or even combination skin, Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is a pamper skincare that will make your skin feel extremely hydrated and plump in the morning.

If you’re a begginer at the luxe game, these skincare buys are not only going to kickstart your boujee skincare stash, but will do your skin huge favours that will leave you wanting more.

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