Here’s How To Recreate Khushi Kapoor’s Glowing Makeup Look For Your Next Date Night!

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Jul 18, 2021
Here’s How To Recreate Khushi Kapoor’s Glowing Makeup Look For Your Next Date Night!


We’re no strangers to the Kapoor sisters killing it on the internet with stunning photoshoots with jaw-dropping themes. We are absolutely crushing on these looks – from the poses to the fashion and makeup, and we know that so are you. And that’s why we have here for you a step-by-step take-through that will easily guide you into Khushi’s seamlessly glowy, luminous makeup look. 

Step-By-Step Guide To Master Khushi Kapoor’s Luminous And Nude Makeup Look

Step 1: Dewy Foundation Base

As seen on her Instagram posts, Khushi’s makeup looks subtly dewy. To get that effect, you can start prepping your base with a dewy finish primer. You can also top it off with a dewy finish foundation. A foundation base with a luminous finish has lesser chances of looking cakey- especially in pictures, and gives you a younger, fresher look. After using a true tone concealer, you can go ahead and set your under eyes with a setting powder and a controlled hand over your brush. Don’t forget, we’re going for a glowy makeup look. 

Step 2: Glowy Blush


Do you remember those shimmer blushes we put aside because we loved highlighting so dearly we dare not mix it with another step? Yeah, pull those blushes out now because that’s what we need here. A shimmery blush on the side of your cheekbones will add a flush of colour to your face, along with lifting your facial structure up. This combination of colour and glow can help you give a subtle finish that we’re looking for.

Step 3: Eyebrows

We love how Khushi’s makeup artist has tamed her bold eyebrows in a natural way. Try to avoid overdrawing them or giving them a dramatic effect. Even if your natural brows are not that thick, only fill them enough for a full eyebrow look. Stick with your natural hair colour. Jet black brows with blonde hair will cause your makeup look to clask. 

Step 4: Eyeshadow


Look at that gorgeous eyeshadow look she has! To get one for yourself, stick to a nice eyeshadow palette with shimmery tones. Start by building a slightly deeper nude crease and progress to a shimmer or foil-toned eyeshadow for the centre and inner corners of your eyelid. Blend well to avoid harsh lines. 

Step 5: Lashes

It’s time to bat your eyelashes like the diva you are. But first, add some on! Opt for fake lashes that are a balance between dramatic yet natural. It will help your lash game blend well with the nude and subtle look we are going for. 

Step 6: Lips

The easiest, yet the most fun part of the entire makeup routine – lip. You can go for a lip plumper, to begin with, if you want. We would suggest you start with lightly exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub, and then slapping some lip balm on it at the beginning of your routine. So that at the end of your makeup, your lips are ready for a beautiful lip gloss in a blush or nude shade. 


Try this nude, dewy makeup at home and click bomb selfies for the gram!

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