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The Brown Hair Dictionary: Practically *Every* Shade You Can Try

The Brown Hair Dictionary: Practically *Every* Shade You Can Try

The hair colour spectrum is vast and varied – from classics to rainbow – people aren’t shying away from trying new colour trends anymore. We bring you a conclusive glossary of all the brown hair colour shades under the spectrum. Brunette or not, if you want to join the brown haired girl family, read on!

1. Golden Brown

Golden brown is the lightest and warmest shade in the brown shade card. This one works brilliantly with warm complexions and green or hazel eyes. This colour in combination with dark brown gives off an amazing effect.

2. Light Caramel Brown

Light caramel is a more sheer golden shade on the spectrum and works well with warm complexions and brown eyes. Steer clear of this colour if you have a fairer/pinker complexion. This colour is used mainly for balayage and ombre.

3. Mostly Mahogany

This is a deeper, red-based brown shade and gives off a stunning vibe when it is lighter. This is one shade that works for every skin tone. If your hair is naturally brown, try warming it up with this shade.


4. Sandy Brown

This shade is a cool, natural, beige shade of brown that works well as a transition shade for highlights and other hair techniques. It will look brilliant as a global colour for people with light eyes.

5. Basic Bronze

This shade is a beautiful combination of gold, light brown and red to create a sort of sun-kissed vibe for your hair. This shade is again used widely for highlights, but it could work as a global colour as well, if you are the experimental type.

6. Ash Brown

For someone who would like to go lighter with their hair colour but want to keep away from the red/gold tones, this cool-toned brown with grey accents is ideal. A subtle balayage or global would work wonders especially for people with light brown eyes.

7. Crisp Copper

This is a darker version of the bronze, with a deeper brown, along with the gold and red tones. Ideal for every skin tone and eye colour; it makes hazel eyes pop.


8. Dark Chocolate

A crowd favourite this is a dark, close to black shade. This shade is the ideal base for most hair looks, and is perfect for those who would like the dark look without looking like a chalkboard with jet black hair.

9. Cocoa Charisma

This is a lighter, more balanced, neither warm nor ashy brown shade. This colour can be altered according to your preferences and is perfect for you if your hair is naturally brown or light brown.

10. Auburn Aura

This is the perfect combination of the warmest of red tones with the warmest of the brown. This colour looks great on medium and warm skin tones.

11. Chestnut Chic

Another deeper red, this one is a shade where the red is warm, but the brown component is cool. This hair colour looks better when it gets lighter.


12. Pretty Plum

Pump up the drama with this gorgeous dark brown mixed with a heavy hand of violet. This shade looks like cocoa but with an overcast of violet.

13. Chocolate Cherry

A stellar opposite of chestnut, this shade combines cooler notes of red with warmer browns. This shade is ideal for an ombre look or highlights for the sheer bounce this colour gives your hair.

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20 Jul 2017

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