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10 Hair Gorgeous Hair Colour Ideas for this Season!

10 Hair Gorgeous Hair Colour Ideas for this Season!

Whether you want to keep it natural or want to get heads turning, colouring your strands is a fantastic way to breathe fresh life into your hair and ensure it never looks boring. A rich colour can also help your locks look healthier and shinier. We give you some gorgeous hair colour ideas that will have you running to your salon stat. If you were skeptical about colouring, these will definitely convince you. Get ready to notch up your hair colour game like never before with these hair colour for women!

Hair Colour Idea 1. Ashy Brown

best hair colour ideas If you want to go lighter, then ashy brown is a flattering hair colour for women for cooler, fairer skin tones. This shade is a great idea if you’re looking for a global colour instead of highlights. Pair it with gorgeous layers to help make your mane look fuller. A medium ash can work better with duskier skin tones.

Hair Colour Idea 2. Sun Kissed

best hair colour ideas Beautiful, lighter caramel tones that gently graduate towards the ends give that attractive sun-kissed effect. It’ll give you that back-from-a-glamorous-vacay look, even if you’ve actually been spending your days cooped up in the office. This dye job suits all skin tones and hair textures. Pretty waves will just add to that beach bomb effect. Image Source: Esha Gupta on Instagram

Hair Colour Idea 3. Natural Highlights

best hair colour ideas Pretty golden strands running through dark brown locks. This hair colour for women is perfect if you’re bored of your single-colour, same old hair but don’t want to try anything too bold. If you want to keep it as natural-looking as possible, then simple highlights that are a couple shades lighter than your natural colour, seamlessly weaved in between your locks, are just what you should get.

Hair Colour Idea 4. Mahogany Magic

best hair colour ideas
Want to give your dark hair a glamorous twist? Mahogany is a beautiful warm colour with reddish undertones for glossy strands, especially under the sunlight. It’ll help make your mane look healthy and polished. new_in_story_banner_500px

Hair Colour Idea 5. The Reverse Ombre

best hair colour ideas Want to liven up long hair? The hair colour for women will do just that and help you stand out from the crowd too. Just the like the name sounds, it’s basically flipping a regular ombre so your mane is lighter on top and gradually darkens as it reaches the ends. Image Source: Brie Quinnn on Instagram

Hair Colour Idea 6. Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell is a trend for perfect summer hair all year long. It’s basically dark brown, chestnut and gold blended together for multidimensional, expensive looking hair. Can you blame us for being in love with it?

Hair Colour Idea 7. Beach Babe Highlights

best hair colour ideas If you were wowed by Tara’s hair in Tamasha, then this hair colour for women is for you. Think about going a few shades lighter than your natural hair colour and mixing that with varying shades sandy brown highlights (about 2-3 shades). Ask your stylist to weave them in through super fine sections. This way, it won’t give you that unattractive demarcation as your hair grows out.

Hair Colour Idea 8. The Balayage Technique

best hair colour ideas
Balayage is revolutionary hair colour technique where a lighter shade is painted free hand onto the hair, instead of the old-fashion method of using foil. This gives natural-looking highlights that look super healthy and like you were just blessed with fabulous hair. Go to a leading hair salon if you want to try this technique. Image Source: Head over Heels Hair on Instagram

Hair Colour Idea 9. Caramel Brown

best hair colour ideas Think JLo and even Kate Middleton - their rich hair colour is actually pretty perfect for Indian skin tones. To get a royal looking mane like them, ask for a base that is a few shades lighter than your original colour and then lighter, more golden highlights around your face that gradually lighten towards the ends.

Hair Colour Idea 10. Bronde

best hair colour ideas Yes, we’re talking a blonde brown or honey brown. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds? If you’re in the mood to try something drastic, then gold and honey hair colour for women blended across medium brown hair can help warm up your complexion while giving you a glamorous new look.
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Published on Dec 22, 2015
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