Beauty Breakdown: Khushi Kapoor’s Peachy Makeup Look Is Ideal For Your Date Night With Boo

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Oct 11, 2021
Beauty Breakdown: Khushi Kapoor’s Peachy Makeup Look Is Ideal For Your Date Night With Boo


When it comes to makeup or outfit selfies, believe us when we tell you that the Kapoors never miss! If it’s not Kareena, it is Shanaya, if not Sonam, then it’s Jhanvi. Yesterday, it was none other than Khushi Kapoor. She showed her peachy makeup look off, and we thought you’d want to take a peek into our beauty notes. Why? Well, how else are you going to recreate this peachy makeup look perfectly? Duh!

Keeping It Peachy, The Kapoor Way

Most Kapoor makeup look breakdowns have one thing in common: dewy finish makeup products. Khushi’s makeup from yesterday is no different where dewy textures dominate the entire look. If you are looking for the easiest way to recreate the same, here’s how:

Step 1: All About That BASE, No Treble

Start your look by priming your face with a smoothening primer, that makes your skin look poreless. Your second step would be to apply a natural finish foundation. Conceal your problem areas and set them with a translucent powder.

Step 2: Eyes That Mesmerise

Khushi has gone for a bright peach shade of eyeshadow with a slight shimmery effect. For a more intense shimmer effect, you can wet your eyeshadow brush with setting spray and pick more eyeshadow pigment as compared to a dry brush. Then, slowly pat the brush across your lids. Finish your eye makeup look by adding a pair of fake lashes, or going the easier way – lengthening mascaras.

Step 3: Get Cheeky With Your Blush

Use a cream-based blush in peach tones for this makeup look. The best part about creamy textures is that they give you room for mistakes and are far more buildable than powder blushes. You can use your fingers, a brush, or even a makeup sponge.

Step 4: Picture Perfect Pot For The ‘Gram

Pick a nude lippie with peachy undertones for this makeup look. You can either go with a matte or a glossy effect.

Recreating an A lister’s makeup look has never been this easy before! What are you waiting for? Your Glamm Insta selfie is waiting!

Featured Images: Instagram