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Bored In The House? 5 Tips To Keep In Mind Before You Attempt To Cut Your Own Hair

Bored In The House? 5 Tips To Keep In Mind Before You Attempt To Cut Your Own Hair

As long as we’re in lockdown, no one is going to get their locks chopped off, coloured or styled at a hair salon anytime soon. Even if the government does decide to end the lockdown, I doubt anyone would rush to a hair salon immediately. Truth is, the fear of getting infected is at the back of all our minds. Even if it’s far from perfect, we would rather learn how to cut and colour our own mane at home. While that is a wise thing to do at this point in time, things may not always go according to plan. 

You see, hairstylists are trained to cut hair and if you have little or no experience, you could be signing up for disaster. 

5 Key Factors To Consider Before Cutting Your Hair At Home

Give yourself a DIY haircut only if you absolutely must. And if you do, keep these pointers in mind.

1. Have The Right Tools Ready

No, your kitchen or office scissors will not make the cut. The blades are dull and aren’t sharp enough to precisely chop your hair off. Unless you’re okay living with floppy, unsymmetrical hair, then go ahead. To cut your hair properly, you need a pair of hair-cutting shears. Obviously not all of us will have these, so try to find yourself the sharpest, newest scissors you can.

2. Cutting Dry Hair Is Safer


Every hairstylist usually cuts hair when it’s wet as it offers more precision. This can be done only if you’re skilled or trained to cut hair. However, if you lack the experience, cutting dry hair is a safer bet. Dry hair will give you a more realistic vision of cutting your own hair and it will save you from making any irreversible mistakes. 

3. Always Start Slow

It’s always wise to start slow and small and once you get more experienced, you can further build your way from there. When cutting your hair, make sure it’s straightened so that you can get more clarity on the length you are about to do away with. This especially applies to anyone with curly hair. Curly hair tends to coil up when in its natural form and if you end up cutting it when it’s curly, you might end up chopping off more than you bargained for.

4. The Direction Of The Scissors Matter


When you are cutting your hair, make sure that you do it section by section. Place the scissors parrel to the hair, but don’t cut horizontally, always cut vertically. 

5. Be Extra Careful When Cutting Your Bangs

Bangs are usually the trickiest to cut and if you mess up, the disaster becomes pretty visible. Use a comb to find out where your bangs naturally begin. Once you do, gather the front hair into a “V” shape and start snipping hair at an angle. And then, shape your way from there. By doing this you’ll also have better clarity of how much length to chop off without making any blunders!

If you’re still confused about how to chop your hair at home take a cue from, Beauty Blogger, Arshia Moorjani!

Final verdict: It’s okay not get a salon-like cut at the first try, but if you keep these pointers in mind. The results will turn out better than expected for sure!

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24 Apr 2020

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