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Kavya Finally Calls Out Her Sasural For Their Problematic Behaviour In Anupamaa & We Totes Agree

Kavya Finally Calls Out Her Sasural For Their Problematic Behaviour In Anupamaa & We Totes Agree

The recipe for a successful Indian daily soap is pretty simple and the TV show makers have been following it for ages now. Place a bahu who is a devi in disguise and a vamp who is a homewrecker under one roof and *bam* there you have your hit show! Anupamaa has been following this plot from the very beginning and yes, it is working quite well for the series. While Rupali Ganguly plays the leading lady in the family drama, Madalsa Sharma plays the antagonist aka Kavya.

Now, if you have been following the show as we have, you are bound to notice a few things. Kavya is not the only problematic person in the Shah parivar and her mother-in-law, stepchildren and husband are quite toxic as well. While it is easy to blame her for her actions, there’s no denying that someone needs to call out Anupama’s family for its regressive thoughts and sexist behaviour as well. Well, Kavya did just that and we’re so glad!


In this week’s episodes, the show’s plot took a massive turn when Anupama’s MIL had a showdown in front of everyone. She accused her husband of being an incompetent father and after being confronted by her son, Vanraj, for it, she put the blame on Kavya. Umm…that’s quite convenient but thankfully, her daughter-in-law was not having any of it.

After being called a ‘bad bahu’ of an ‘ideal family’ by her husband, she was quick to point out their toxic traits. She questioned her saas for calling her disrespectful names like ‘maide ki katori’ and casually threatening to hit her by saying ‘kaan ke niche sitaar bajaungi.’

Threatening someone with domestic violence is NOT okay and we’re so glad that Kavya finally said it out loud. She also accused her in-laws of not moving on in life and constantly comparing her with their former bahu. Interestingly, none of them had any logical explanation for it and that proved Kavya took the right step by calling them out.


While we’re not denying that Kavya’s actions are wrong most of the time, we are defs saying that she’s not the only one who needs to do away with toxic traits. We’re glad that she pointed this out and we hope that Anupama’s family members learn their lessons.

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24 Nov 2021

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