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Katrina Kaif’s Wedding Hairstylist Spills The Beans On Acing The Perfect Bridal ‘Do

Katrina Kaif’s Wedding Hairstylist Spills The Beans On Acing The Perfect Bridal ‘Do

As you might know (obviously) that Katrina Kaif just got married to Vicky Kaushal and their dreamy wedding was an affair to remember (even though we just Insta-attended the wedding through posted pictures). While we were unable to leave our spies into the wedding for some exclusive insights, we did get our hands on Katrina’s wedding hairstylist, Amit Thakur to spill the beans on celebrity bridal hair styling tips and tricks.

So, if you found yourself drooling over Katrina Kaif’s wedding pictures while adoring her uber Bollywood-esque hairstyles, you’re gonna wanna get into these deets! We asked Amit Thakur, celebrity hairstylist, some of the most asked questions on styling a bride’s hair, and here are his answers. Start taking notes, girlies!

What are the most trending celebrity bridal hairstyles in 2021?

Amit says, “Trending to me always translates to luxurious, shiny, beautiful and healthy-looking, proper hair.”

He adds that any bridal hairstyle can be trending, but for it to be classy and evergreen, it should be neat, and highlight sheen and bounce which are the main characteristics of healthy hair.

Which bridal hairstyle is the most low maintenance but is extremely trendy?

“The sleek centre-parted hair or the sleek centre-parted low ponytail is a very low maintenance type of hairstyle,” he answers.

Although it is not your typical bridal hairstyle, most brides end up going for that because they’re usually wearing head jewellery. Not only does this hairstyle highlight the features of your face, but you can pair this style with some hair accessories like a beautiful Mattha Patti, without feeling extra heaviness. You can also add some flowers with this hairstyle effortlessly to get that diva effect that is very in right now.

Traditional or modern, what is the bridal hairstyle trend at the moment?

According to the hairstlist, “Going for traditional or modern touches to the hairstyle totally depends on the bride and her cultural values. But a perfect blend of traditional and modern style can do wonders. Everyone loves this blend as it adds a little bit of freshness to the typical bridal look. We followed this concept for Katrina too. As a tribute to her family, we had an Indo-Western blended look that had a veil on the top of her head and flowers in her hand. That’s the best of both worlds kinda style.”

How can a bride make her hairstyle stay in place for a long time?

Amit suggests that because it is a wedding, there are no constant touch-ups. A very important tip to make your bridal hairstyle stay in place for a long time is to keep the foundation of the selected hairstyle strong. Another secret ingredient is setting sprays. Your setting spray should be good enough to hold the hairstyle tightly and not let it move. Also, your hair jewellery and the veil or dupatta should be pinned well so it doesn’t ruin the hairstyle.  

What are some common mistakes to avoid with bridal hairstyles?

Amit Thakur tells us, “Artists don’t keep the occasional details in mind. It’s important to note the timing of the function, season and the weather around the wedding. Keeping in mind the level of humidity in the air can help with the choice of hairstyle and products to be used for the same. This basic requirement should not be missed out on when it comes to any bridal hairstyle.”

Did you take notes for all the things you’d be telling your bridal hairstylist to ace that Katrina-like bridal look? We sure hope so!

Featured Images: Instagram

17 Dec 2021

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