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#POPxoReviews: Rosehip Oil Is My New Haircare BFF & Here’s Why You Should Try It Out

#POPxoReviews: Rosehip Oil Is My New Haircare BFF & Here’s Why You Should Try It Out

If I had a penny for every time my mother told me to keep my skincare and haircare routine simple, I would be a rich woman today. I’m pretty sure all of us have heard this little word of advice at least once in our lifetime. Consider this your official sign to actually take this advice seriously, because I have just found out the most simple way of haircare that has transformed my haircare game like no other. Besties, meet St. Botanica’s Pure Rosehip Cold Pressed Oil.

This little vial of cold-pressed rosehip oil nourishes my hair and scalp in more ways than one. Introducing it to my haircare routine has made me cut my extensive hair care down to a simple 3 step routine. If you are also fed up with practising a heavy 10 step haircare routine to take care of your locks, here’s a chance for you to switch to a simplistic way of hair care.

What Is It?

St. Botanica Rosehip Oil is a 100% pure and cold-pressed natural oil that is abundant in vitamin C and E. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that keep your scalp and hair protected and nourished. It comes in a dark blue bottle that shields it from sun rays, along with a dropper cap that makes its application way easier and less messy.

Why Do We Love It?

Rosehip oil is known to be enriched with healthy fatty acids and antioxidants that help fight radical damage. It also helps in boosting collagen and keeps the surface moisturized for long hours. This pure and cold-pressed rosehip oil by St. Botanica keeps the roots of my hair strong and helps boost healthier hair growth. After using it regularly for a month, I have noticed that my hair strands are way more nourished, less brittle and healthy. I have also noticed a prominent reduction in my hair fall over time. Also, my scalp stays moisturized and does not feel flaky or dry even in harsh winters. The best part about this oil is that it doesn’t have to be necessarily mixed with a carrier oil, and can be directly applied to the scalp.


Texture: 9/10

Packaging: 9/10

Formula: 10/10

How To Use It

To use this oil, use the dropper cap to dispose of a few drops in your palms. If you wish to, you can mix a carrier oil with it, or directly apply it to your scalp. Massage it into your scalp with gentle motions and let it get absorbed into the skin. Leave this on for 2 hours or overnight for best results. Wash it off with a mild shampoo.

What Does It Look Like?

When are you switching to a fail-proof haircare routine?

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13 Dec 2021

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