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Kareena Kapoor Khan’s New Project As A Patron Will Aid Artisans In The Fashion Industry

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s New Project As A Patron Will Aid Artisans In The Fashion Industry

Amongst the many industries severely impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis lies fashion, the artisans which form its backbone severely impacted by the lockdown and Cyclone Amphan. Even with the manufacturing being revived slowly, it’s going to take a long time for the fashion and textile industry and those associated with it to go back to how things were. And in these difficult times, it’s a much-required fundraiser that is aiming to bridge the “gap between designers and artisans.”

Baradari – A Fashion Fundraiser

Helmed by the leading names in fashion, Baradari is an upcoming project founded to support artisans affected by the many ongoing crises. Running as a fundraiser, it will bring together numerous designers for support. Scroll down to read all we know about the project. 

Bridging The Gap

With Kareena Kapoor Khan as its esteemed patron, the initiative aims to help the backbone of the fashion and textile industry—the craftspeople—by lending them a helping hand. 

Translating to ‘brotherhood’ in Persian and ‘a pavilion with 12 doors allowing the free flow of air’ in Urdu, the underlying idea behind Baradari is support through togetherness. In that vein, it will be raising funds for the artisans who make a garment shine through their work. More than 100 designers will come together to contribute their signature pieces for an e-commerce sale for the philanthropic event. 

Names Associated

All proceeds from Baradari will be used to encourage and assist the craftspeople hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and Cyclone Amphan which wreaked havoc in Bengal. Tarun Tahiliani, Jayanti Reddy, Harago, Ekaco and Manish Malhotra are a few amongst the many names and labels who will be contributing to the fashion fundraiser. Partnered with Tina Tahiliani Parekh’s Ensemble and with Kareena Kapoor Khan as its patron, it puts responsible fashion to the forefront. 

The actress too issued a statement on Instagram to talk about the relevance of the project during this time. 

“Everyone knows I enjoy fashion. But I think it is time we begin to think of what responsible fashion is. India is a country with some amazing textile traditions. We have to go back to the source of our clothing, to the real makers of the cloth, and appreciate what they do for our culture and also our wardrobe. When Namrata Zakaria asked me to be a part of Baradari, I agreed immediately. Economic sustainability is when the artisan is empowered to become an entrepreneur, like the designer himself. It’s a new conversation to have with fashion, and I wanted to be a part of it. I want to also thank each one of the fashion designers who have so generously donated their clothes. Our artisan communities are truly the backbone of the fashion industry.”

A great initiative indeed, we hope that more of such great initiatives emerge to help those working for Indian crafts. 

Featured Image: Instagram

27 Jul 2020

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