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Khabar Pakki Hai! Rajiv Adatia Makes The Sweetest Revelation About #TejRan’s Shaadi Plans

Last night’s Bigg Boss 15 episode turned out to be a major shocker as we saw two contestants leave the show instead of just one. While we were definitely anticipating Ritesh Singh’s exit, we were really hoping that Rajiv Adatia would stay in the house for a little longer. To our very horror, some people ended up supporting Abhijit Bichukale and we had to bid farewell to one of the most entertaining contestants this season. Well, what’s done is done now and as much as it broke our heart to see Rajiv leave, he has ensured to give us something to smile about right after his elimination. In a recent interaction with an online portal, Rajiv has talked about #TejRan and has made a rather exciting prediction.

During the interaction, Rajiv was asked about his opinion on the #TejRan bond and if he finds it real. He did not even think twice before saying, “It’s very very real. I haven’t seen this much romance in my life. They are so much in love and so cute together as a couple. It is a genuine bond and it is a very cute relationship.”

It is very surprising to see Rajiv talking so highly of the couple given that he is Shamita Shetty’s brother who is in direct competition with the couple. Not only has Rajiv spoken well of #TejRan, but has also defended them when asked about Karan’s possessive behaviour. “Agar boyfriend possessive nahin hoga to kaun hoga? He gets angry at times at Tejasswi as she tells him some things which he doesn’t like. In any relationship, your opinions won’t match (all the time). Tejasswi is adamant to prove her point at times. Sometimes she doesn’t listen and gets hyper,” he explained.


In fact, Rajiv seems to be one from the #TejRan fandom, has full belief in the couple, and is convinced that they will tie the knot pretty soon. “Karan loves her a lot. You can take it from me that they will definitely get married. If not, I will become the pandit and get them married inside the Bigg Boss House,” Rajiv has claimed very confidently.

Interestingly, Karan had also talked about his intentions of getting married next year during a Weekend Ka Vaar episode. ”My astrologer has said that I am getting married in March by the way,” he had shared with Rakhi Sawant, Rashami Desai, and Shamita Shetty while talking about Tejasswi. The couple has been also discussing marriage and kids a lot lately and it would be interesting to see how their relationship blossoms outside the Bigg Boss house.

Here’s hoping that there is actually some substance to Rajiv’s predictions and they come out to be true. After all, we are all suckers for a filmy love story, right?

Featured Image: Twitter

20 Dec 2021

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