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Shame! All Those Who Supported Abhijit Bichukale’s Creepy Behaviour Last Night Is A Bigger Culprit Than Him

Last night’s Bigg Boss 15 episode was downright shocking and triggering, to say the least. It all started with the Ticket To Finale task in which Devoleena Bhattacharjee was one of the contenders along with Shamita Shetty, Pratik Sehajpal, and Rashami Desai. The rest of the housemates were left free to support whoever they pleased and this is when Abhijit Bichukale declared that he’d do anything for Devoleena. “Kuch bhi kar jaunga main. Mar jaunga main. (I will do anything for you. I will even die),” he was heard telling her during the task. And while he did keep his promise, he asked for something in return–immunity and a kiss. Yes! He literally asked Devoleena to kiss him on the cheek on national TV in lieu of his support in the game. 

Busy with the task, the actress kept ignoring him for a while until it got too much. He even touched her cheek and kept gesturing on his own and asking “kab degi tu (when will you kiss me)? At last, she could not take it anymore and screamed, “Nahi dungi main. Jao yahan se. Maine bola hai aapko pehle bhi line mat cross karo. (I won’t kiss you. Get lost. I have asked you so many times not to cross the line with me).”

The entire exchange left us uneasy. You could see a creepy glint in Abhijit’s eyes while he kept asking for the kiss. Quite clearly, he wasn’t just kidding and was, in fact, pressurising Devoleena to do it ASAP. However, the worst was yet to come. To our very shock, so many people in the house felt that she was equally responsible for what had transpired. While Rashami used the incident to start a new fight with the actress, Shamita Shetty was on her own ride as she went on contradicting Tejasswi Prakash who was supporting Devo throughout. Later, Rajiv Adatia, Nishant Bhat, and Umar Riaz were also seen commenting on how a “joke” was blown out of proportion.

Well, we are disappointed AF right now. While we hope that Abhijit gets kicked out of the house stat, here are some questions for every single contestant who supported the creep last night:

Were You Around When All Of This Transpired?

When Devoleena first shared her ordeal with everyone in the house, Abhijit very conveniently went into the defense mode and said “are joke ko bhi seriously loge kya tum log. (Would you even make an issue out of a joke now)?” Those who watched the episode know that it wasn’t a joke. You could see the predator in Abhijit’s eyes and shame on all the housemates who decided to give him the benefit of doubt. They weren’t around when he was harassing Devoleena and chose to trust him despite knowing everything about his behavioural issues and misogyny.

Is ‘Dost Hai’ A Valid Excuse For What He Did?

Throughout the arguments, Abhijit kept repeating “are par hum dost hain (but we are friends)” so as to shut Devoleena down and bury the matter under the carpet. This is when Tejasswi took a stand for the actress and very clearly told the ex-Bigg Boss contestant that if he made her uncomfortable, he doesn’t get to justify it by pulling the friendship card. Pratik Sehajpal and Karan Kundrra agreed on the same. However, everyone else seemed to side with Abhijit at this point. 

Victim Blaming, Really? 

Not only did Rashami support Abhijit in the matter but also launched a verbal attack on Devoleena without even knowing the full details of what had happened. In a new low, she literally went to the length of saying “Ungli degi toh haath koi bhi pakdega (If you give your finger to someone then they will naturally grab on the hand)” thus insinuating that Devoleena was responsible for making him that comfortable. Rashami even said that Abhijit says a lot of things but this one has been manipulated to another level. Really, Rashami, really?

Are You Out Of Your Mind? 

Later at night after the heated discussion, Rajiv and Nishant were heard discussing the matter and commenting on how Devoleena overreacted on a small thing. The latter was also heard giving muft ka gyaan and saying, “Limit isko bhi pata honi chahiye, unko bhi pata honi chahiye (Both of them should know their limits).” Man, what the actual f**k is this? Abhijit made an unsolicited advance at Devoleena and made her feel uncomfortable. All she did was scream and say “No.” Why are you trying to give her sermons on “limits?”

Is It That Important To Go Against Everything That Tejasswi Prakash Says?

She might never realise it but Shamita Shetty has done it in Bigg Boss OTT and she is doing it again now. There is always that one contestant who gets more attention than the actress which she finds hard to stomach and almost impossible. This season, it is Tejasswi Prakash. All this week, Shamita has been doing nothing but talking about Teja while commenting on how the latter wants to project her in a bad light. Shamita can sure assume whatever she wants but last night, she did it at the expense of Devoleena. 

Upon seeing that Tejasswi was aggressively supporting Devo, Shamita went to both of them and asked why had Devoleena not drawn a line earlier and warned Abhijit before making a scene. Well, she had actually done it but that’s not the matter. Tejasswi tried to explain the same thing to her by saying that just because ten of Abhijit’s jokes made her laugh and one made her uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean that she can’t raise her voice against it. “Anyone can make you uncomfortable. Even a husband can do it to his wife,” she tried to explain to Shamita. To our very surprise, Shamita responded to it by saying, “You can’t choose when you are comfortable. That’s very convenient.” Of course, she can Shamita. This is a horrible way of thinking and we are kinda disappointed to find out that contradicting Tejasswi is more important to you than standing for what is right. Shame!

Lastly, we really hope that Salman Khan knocks some sense into the heads of everyone who supported Abhijit Bichukale last night.

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17 Dec 2021

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