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Is Kundrri Marrying His Sundari? We’ve Got Some Interesting Scoop On #TejRan Romance

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Nov 29, 2021


From Karan Kundrra telling Tejasswi Prakash that “he needs rights” for interfering in her fights to his recent “haq hai mera” dialogue, the couple has surely come a long way in the Bigg Boss house. The fans are, of course, going gaga over their beautiful bond and #TejRan is constantly trending on social media. Now, heady as their new romance might appear to the viewers, it is causing a lot of trouble to their co-contestants as well as the Bigg Boss makers. Their BB housemates have realised that Tejasswi and Karan make a very powerful team which hampers their trophy aspirations. The makers, on the other hand, want to pull the two out of their dream world and contribute a little more to the game. This explains why everyone has now started attacking their bond and calling it “fake,” “boring,” and everything else that can potentially sow discord between #TejRan.

But guess what? Tejasswi and Karan are easily one of the tightest Bigg Boss couples to date and they refuse to pay any heed to all these attacks or get impacted by the criticism. They are currently making the best of the initial, rosy days of romance and looks like Karan is already planning to take it to the next level. It was all revealed last night after Rakhi Sawant and her husband called #TejRan’s bond “fake” during a task. Of course, it did not sit well with the couple who individually reached out to Rakhi to question her opinion on their bond. Karan was quick to clarify that whatever he feels for Tejasswi is 100 % genuine. This is when Rashami Desai also got into the conversation and said “Jyotish tak baat pahuch chuki hai.”


Basically, a few weeks ago Karan had revealed that his astrologer had told him how he will marry a girl much younger than him and Rashami was referring to the same conversation. Karan further added to the actress’s point by saying, ” My astrologer has also said that I am getting married in March by the way.” Rashami took it as a joke and replied, “It is definitely not happening, she won’t agree.” However, Karan appeared to be quite serious at this point and calmly responded by saying, “a lot can change overnight.” Shamita Shetty who was also a part of this conversation got super invested in it upon the mention of an impending wedding. Shamita also pointed out how Karan is clearly serious about the prediction given his belief in astrology and all the rings that he wears.

Well, as you can tell, Karan definitely has shaadi on his mind and it would be interesting to see Tejasswi’s reaction on the topic. That said, she is equally in love with him and made it quite clear during a task in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.


Last night, Neha Dhupia entered the Bigg Boss house and assessed what every contestant is doing in the house with a rating board. Tejasswi was declared “50 % aashiq” during the task and contrary to what everyone was expecting, she accepted the label as a badge of honour. “Haan hun main aashiq. Jitna aashiq wo hai utni aashiq main bhi hun,” she said in a badass moment and the fans haven’t stopped talking about it ever since.

As they have made apparent, Karan and Tejasswi are very serious about each other right now and it would be interesting to see how their relationship blossoms in the upcoming months. Here’s manifesting the most epic romance that we have witnessed in the Bigg Boss house to date.

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