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‘Jello Skin’ Is The New Pregnancy-safe Summer Beauty Trend We Love

‘Jello Skin’ Is The New Pregnancy-safe Summer Beauty Trend We Love

If you are an avid social media user, you are probably accustomed to the multitude of aesthetic pregnancy-safe beauty trends that flood your FYP–from glass to honey and cloud skin, to slugging, doughnut-glazed, and dolphin skin. While it’s impossible to keep yourself updated with all these beauty euphemisms, there’s still one K-beauty trend that you would have found hard to ignore. Yes, we are talking ‘Jello Skin!’ This skincare trend is everywhere on social media RN and has even caught the attention of big beauty brands, who’ve quickly jumped on the bandwagon of designing skincare products that give you the jello look. But what exactly is jello skin? And what steps does this beauty routine entail? We give you all the deets!

What Is Jello Skin?

The beauty world’s newest obsession, jello skin, is an amalgamation of beauty practices that keeps your skin hydrated, plump, and bouncy, almost like the consistency of fresh jello. This skincare term was coined by K-beauty expert, Ava Lee, @glowwithava, who regularly shares beauty products, techniques, practices, and foods that help her achieve perfectly elastic and bouncy skin. In fact, in a video that Ava posted on her Instagram page, viewers got a glimpse of how elastic and bouncy her cheeks are, thanks to the skincare routine she follows diligently. 

Almost immediately after Ava posted the video, fellow content creators, beauty experts, and brands waded into the Jello skin trend discussion, swapping tips and hacks on how to best nail the coveted jelly-like look.

In a different social media post, Ava, also emphasised in detail how she achieves her jello skin and revealed that each letter in the term ‘Jello’ means different beauty practices, which when put together, give her the most supple, and bouncy look. According to the TikTok famous esthetician, the true meaning of Jello skin is, “J- Journey, not an overnight change; E- Eat balanced meals; L: Lifestyle, not just about skincare: L: Laugh; move your facial muscles; O- Old is not bad, age gracefully with plump skin”. 

Talking about the key to achieving Jello skin, Ava remarked, “my #JELLOSKIN mantra ✨ I got a lot of collagen in my skin to get that elastic, bouncy look, and I’m spilling the secrets – surprise, it’s not a single product, a diet, but an entire lifestyle and mindset. keep swiping to see – it’s all about consistency while understanding what works for your skin and body.”

How To Get Jello Skin?

jello skin trend
The Jello skin trend is focused on helping you achieve bouncy, hydrated, and supple skin, resembling jelly 

If you want to achieve the trampoline-ish bounce and plumpness of jello skin, you need to pay attention to three key factors—boosting collagen, elastin, and moisture levels in your skin. Now you know that collagen and elastin are responsible for giving your face a structure, and water can enhance the bounciness of your skin. But here’s the thing, with increasing age, your body’s ability to produce collagen starts to diminish, and by the age of 30, you no longer naturally produce any collagen. This can lead to the overall thinning of your skin, and the damaging of your skin barrier. 

However, don’t despair, as there’s plenty that can be done to help. All you have to do is focus on protecting your collagen and introduce more of this molecule into your body via skincare products or food items.

Here’s a complete list of @glowwithava-approved skincare steps that you need to follow to achieve the Jello look!

Cleanse Twice A Day And Don’t Skip Your Toner

Like every other skincare routine, the road to Jellow skin starts with cleansing your face. Use a face wash that helps protect your skin from environmental damage and potently neutralises free radicals. You may opt for a natural vitamin C face wash with orange peels that remove impurities from your skin’s surface and also plump it up at the same time.

After cleansing, follow up with a face toner with effective ingredients like niacinamide, green tea, aloe vera, and witch hazel which smooth your skin and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, while leaving a subtle glow. You should in fact tone your skin within 60 seconds of cleansing to avoid moisture loss and dehydration. 

Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

We don’t literally mean regularly, because over-exfoliating your skin may do harm. Stick to exfoliation at least twice or thrice a week to buff away all the dead and damaged cells from the skin’s top surface and improve skin elasticity and firmness. Use an exfoliator with anti-ageing and antioxidants, such as coffee, cranberry, and plant-based AHAs that encourage collagen production in the skin and boost skin cell turnover rate for an improved, radiant, and supple complexion.

Get Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin C Through A Serum

A daily dose of an antioxidant, such as vitamin C can repair the damage caused to your skin by various factors, such as UV light and pollutants. Using a vitamin C-infused serum can also help smooth out your skin texture and reduce hyperpigmentation and acne breakouts to reveal an overall radiant and bouncy skin. 

Don’t Discount On A Moisturiser

If you want to achieve a complexion that is “as bouncy as Jell-O and rice cakes”, you better not skip moisturiser. Opt for a moisturiser with skin-perfecting and antioxidant ingredients, such as vitamin C, squalane, and willow herb that deliver a hefty dose of hydration to your skin and make it look like it just had a tall glass of water. This will further help enhance the plumpness and suppleness of your skin.

Apply SPF Everyday

If you peruse @glowwithava’s Instagram feed, you can regularly see her talking about the importance of applying SPF to your skin daily. She says that the only way you can protect your skin’s texture is by protecting it against free radicals that harm the skin’s natural collagen production and make your skin dull. Hence, ensure to wear a broad-spectrum mineral-based sunscreen with zinc oxide daily to maintain your skin’s tautness and elasticity, and most importantly to protect it against UV rays. 

There’s A Jello Skin Elixir You Can Try At Home

Besides being consistent with your skincare routine for Jello skin, you can also eat your way to plump, supple skin. On her Instagram page, @glowiwthava, also posts helpful Jello skin recipes that are packed with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. She calls these drinks, “jello skin elixirs” and mostly makes them using apples, goji berries, jujube dates, fungus mushrooms, and herbal brown sugar cubes. Watch this video below for the entire recipe.

Ava’s (@glowithava) Jello skin routine is definitely getting approval from us! We mean, dewy, supple, plump, and bouncy skin—is there anything to dislike in this skincare trend? Moreover, it is effective, simple, and most importantly, it can be achieved through safe skincare and lifestyle practices. Get your Jello glow on like Ava, and build your skincare routine with the pregnancy-safe skincare products mentioned above. 

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Featured image: Priyanka Chopra/Instagram

26 Jul 2022

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