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5 Skincare Products That Can Give You The Sonam Kapoor ‘Pregnancy Glow’

5 Skincare Products That Can Give You The Sonam Kapoor ‘Pregnancy Glow’

Just another month and we will finally meet actress Sonam A. Kapoor’s first born, aka baby Kapoor-Ahuja! While the doting actress is still busy enjoying her last few mom-to-be days, she has not forgotten to keep us posted with glimpses of her life on the ‘gram. Sonam, also recently hosted her baby shower, and there was one thing that none of us could get enough of—her healthy, glowing skin. She looked so fab and radiant and netizens went all frenzy over her look.

Lucky for us, Sonam spilled all the tea on her glowing skin on a recent TVC, where she stated that incorporating The Moms Co.’s natural vitamin C products in her PM skincare routine too, has really worked wonders. 

The mum-to-be also noted that using these skincare products both in her AM and PM skincare routine helped her achieve clear, radiant skin. If you think about it, your nighttime skincare routine is as important as your morning skincare routine (which you hardly ever miss). This is because, at night, your skin (along with the rest of your body) shifts to restore and repair mode, so making the most of that time by using the right skincare products can be an effective way to encourage happier and healthier skin come morning. 


Curious to know more about Sonam’s favourite skincare products that help give her that lit-from-within radiant glow? We have got you covered with all the details! 

Why Is A PM Skincare Routine Important?

PM skincare routine
A targeted night skincare routine can help repair and rejuvenate your skin, and boost skin radiance

Before we get into the best nighttime routine for glowing skin, let’s take some time to understand why is PM beauty important in the first place. As we have already established, during nighttime the skin shifts to repair mode, and using effective formulas can really support and enhance this process and increase the skin cell turnover rate. It’s also the best time to undo the day’s free radical damage on the skin, that occurs due to exposure to pollution and sunlight. Plus, having a robust nighttime routine also helps you cleanse away the day’s makeup, and surface oil and grime, and prevent the appearance of pores, irritation, or congestion.


Also, at night, your skin may suffer increased transepidermal water loss or dehydration, and hence it’s all the more important to protect your skin with a strong skincare routine to prevent moisture loss and lock in hydration.

The Best Night Skincare Routine

Your nighttime skincare routine should be focused on regeneration, because during this time, your skin isn’t using precious resources to defend itself against pollution and UV, and hence, there’s a lot of scope for repair. Additionally, at night, your skin also better absorbs topically-applied ingredients.


So if your daytime skincare routine is aimed to protect, your night routine should be all about treating and targeting your pregnancy skin concerns. To make things easier for you, we have given a run-down of five key steps that you should incorporate into your PM skincare routine to achieve radiant and glowing skin, just like Sonam Kapoor!

Start With A Cleanser

Cleansing should be the quintessential first step in every skincare routine, no matter day or night. Whether you wear makeup or not, cleansing away the day’s accumulated dust, grime, and surface pollution is key to healthy skin. Use a gentle cleanser that won’t disrupt your skin barrier, for instance, a natural clay face wash, formulated with ingredients like Kaolin clay, activated charcoal, fuller’s earth, and plant-based ingredients. All these ingredients have mild exfoliating properties and help detoxify the skin, remove oil and dirt from deep inside the pores, and improve your skin tone and radiance.


A clay-infused face wash can also balance hydration in your skin and eliminate acne-causing bacteria to prevent future breakouts. It can also help improve your skin tone as well as reduce dark spots. 

Tone Your Skin

When we cleanse our face using a face wash and water, the skin’s barrier and natural pH level are impacted. Hence, it is crucial to use an alcohol-free toner in your night skincare routine, post-cleansing, to reset your skin’s pH level. It also helps hydrate and prep your skin for the other formulas to come. Just make sure that you are using a gentle natural daily toner with antioxidants like vitamin C, niacinamide, green tea, aloe vera, and plant-based AHAs, all of which soothe and balance your skin, tighten pores, and remove excess shine. 


Treat Your Skin Concerns With A Serum

PM skincare routine
A serum is a great way to deliver active ingredients into the deep layers of your skin and address pregnancy skin concerns

The night is the ideal time to use a regenerative serum to stimulate the production of key structural proteins, such as collagen, which help in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Applying a serum is also a great way to boost cell turnover in sync with the skin’s repair cycle. You can consider incorporating a natural age control face serum in your PM skincare routine for nourished skin. 

Just make sure the serum contains pregnancy-safe ingredients like bakuchiol, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid that hydrate your skin, repair skin damage, boost elasticity and firmness and improve your skin tone for a clearer complexion. 


Target Your Under-eye Area With An Eye Cream

During pregnancy, you may find it difficult to have peaceful, uninterrupted sleep, due to all the bodily changes. This may cause dark circles around your eyes. Introducing an eye cream during this time can act as a powerful step in boosting your radiance and preventing the appearance of baggy eyes. Use a natural vita-rich under-eye cream with potent ingredients like coffee oil, chamomile oil, chia seed oil, and niacinamide to prevent moisture loss around your eyes, and reduce puffiness and dark circles.

If you have extra time, you can also consider performing a soothing massage to release any tension and work the product better into your skin. 


End The Routine With A Moisturiser

PM skincare routine
You should end your skincare routine using a moisturiser that keeps your skin hydrated overnight and prevents moisture loss 

The final step in your nighttime routine is to lock in moisturisation and ensure optimal hydration overnight with the help of a natural age control night cream. Opt for a slightly thicker formula with nourishing ingredients like bakuchiol, niacinamide, and natural vitamin E to support your skin barrier, repair damage, fight early signs of ageing, and reduce dullness. Using a night cream will help deeply moisturise and hydrate your skin and ensure you are waking up with glowing skin.

These five skincare steps is all it takes for you to achieve glowing, radiant, and healthy skin. So make sure you incorporate these key skincare steps in your nighttime pregnancy skincare routine, be consistent, and add to cart Sonam’s favourite pregnancy-safe skincare products to get a glow like her! 


Featured image: Sonam Kapoor Ahuja/Instagram

05 Jul 2022
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