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Finally! Jasmin & Aly Had A Real Date Post Bigg Boss & That’s Satisfaction Level Max

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Feb 22, 2021
Finally! Jasmin & Aly Had A Real Date Post Bigg Boss & That’s Satisfaction Level Max


Bigg Boss ended last weekend and brought all of us back to reality. That means, we no longer get any inside information on whether #JasLy are going strong or not, or when is the shaadi no. 2 happening for #Rubinav. So as a fellow BB fanatic, we have decided to keep you updated with whatever goss we get. And we already have something to cheer you up. We know what’s happening in the lives of our fave lovebirds from the show!

No points for guessing that we’re talking about Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin. The couple recently went on a real date post the Bigg Boss 14 finale. Take a look:

Aren’t they looking oh-so-cute together? We def think so! The duo also did an Instagram live session for their fans recently and obviously, it was awwdorable. They kept pushing each other out of the frame jokingly that made Aly say, “Yaar yahi hota hai. Andar tha, tab tak ‘dost’ ‘izzat’… ye woh. Yaha dekh lo. Ye izzat, ye (This is what happens here. When we were inside, she respected me so much, called me a friend and now just look at her)!” 

Aly had also mentioned in the session that they both were leaving for Jammu soon. And right on cue, the pair was recently spotted leaving for the actor’s hometown. Take a look:

While talking about his BFF in the house, Rahul Vaidya, the Naagin actor said that he would host an Insta live sesh with him once he gets back from Jammu. That prompted Jas to say, “That is because he only loves Rahul. Rahul ne isko mujhse cheen liya hai! Rahul ka zyada gehra ho gaya aur mujhe bahut akelapan mehsoos hota hai aajkal. Aur Rahul se bahut jalan bhi hoti hai. Aly ko cheen liya, Aly ko neend nahi aa rahi Rahul ke bina. Chat kar raha hai, kissiyan bhej raha hai. Dono baby ban gaye hain ek dusre ke, ye kya ho raha hai?

NGL, we’re low-key missing Rahul and Aly’s bhaichara and cannot wait to join their live session on the ‘Gram !

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Featured Image: Instagram