Missing Bigg Boss 14? Season 15 Is Arriving Sooner Than You Think

Missing Bigg Boss 14? Season 15 Is Arriving Sooner Than You Think

Bigg Boss 14 concluded on quite a satisfying note with Rubina Dilaik holding the winner's trophy. The entire season was truly a rollercoaster ride with its fair share of highs and lows. However, all is well that ends well. And with that, we are hit with a bittersweet reality--the show's finally over and our daily dose of entertainment has bid us a goodbye! Now that the reality series has wrapped up its 14th season, we are left to deal with a gnawing emptiness. In case you too are going through some major withdrawal symptoms, then a) *same* and b) we have a surprise for you!

Interestingly, the BB 14 void that we're feeling right now will soon be a thing of the past. Because guys, Bigg Boss 15 is happening sooner than we can imagine!


During the Grand Finale of season 14, host Salman Khan made some revelations about the upcoming season. For starters, he said, "We will meet soon in six-seven months, with the next season." Honestly, we cannot wait to skip all the months and jump to October! But wait, that's not it. The upcoming season is going to be different because the show will once again welcome 'commoners' along with celebrities in the house.

The host said, "A few months later, VOOT SELECT will allow everyone to audition for the next season, Bigg Boss 15. And, the best part is that you get to vote for the participants. More details will be revealed later." So, not only you can audition to be the new gharwala, but you can also decide who will enter the BB house. Isn't that something?


The concept of welcoming non-celebrities in the show was first introduced in Bigg Boss 10. Manu Punjabi, Manveer Gujjar, Late Swami Om, and Arshi Khan were some of the gharwalas who entered the house as 'commoners'. Needless to say, they soon garnered a major fan-following and Manveer even became the first non-celeb to win the show in 2016. Looking at those successful seasons, we surely have some high hopes for the upcoming one as well.


While we do not know anything about the non-celebs who will enter the house, we definitely know one of the celebrity couples who are all set to participate in Bigg Boss 15. Yep, we're talking about the comic couple Bharti Sigh and Harsh Limbachiyaa.

The pair recently hosted one of the last Weekend ka Vaar episodes and revealed that they would soon be seen in BB 15 as gharwalas. NGL, we're super excited for the new season because it is turning out to be more interesting than we can imagine.

Seriously, we cannot wait for the Bigg Boss 15 to begin!

 Featured Image: Voot