Is Your Deo Making Your Underarms Darker?

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  May 5, 2016
Is Your Deo Making Your Underarms Darker?


Face it, we can’t even think of stepping out of the house without using deodorant. With the hot and humid weather conditions we live in, you can’t really blame us! To avoid any embarrassing body odour problems (it can happen to anyone in this humidity!) we would willingly spritz on our deo twice, even thrice, a day without thinking much about it. That is, till our underarms start darkening… dark underarms

Do Deos Really Cause Underarm Darkening?

It’s  not very likely, but some ingredients in antiperspirants can react with your skin to cause discoloration. The salt in sweat and sebum can also contribute to this. In reality this is quite rare, but some people are just more prone to hyper-pigmentation than others and have felt reduced darkness after switching brands. It could also be the fragrance (the ingredients that are used for it) that could cause pigmentation in some people. What you can do is switch brands or use a milder deo. Also, stop using antiperspirants completely and use deodorant only. To be on the safe side, a roll-on is a much better option than a spray.

Other Reasons Why Your Skin Could Be Darkening

Like we said, the chances of your deo causing this annoying problem are pretty low, and there could be another reason why you’ve noticed dark spots. Shaving your underarms is the number one reason as it doesn’t get rid of the hair just below the surface of your skin. This could give you a dark looking stain on your armpits, especially if your hair is a lot darker than your skin colour. The smartest solution is to put down your razor and start waxing instead to get rid of the hair below the surface of your skin. Another cause could be because of a buildup of dead skin cells, which could be giving you bumps and dark spots. Remember to exfoliate your body well and don’t forget to do so under your arms as well! Image: Shutterstock

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