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Trouble In Paradise: Is Priyank Sharma Cheating On His Ladylove Benafsha Soonawalla?

Ravina SachdevRavina Sachdev  |  Jun 24, 2021
Trouble In Paradise: Is Priyank Sharma Cheating On His Ladylove Benafsha  Soonawalla?


The Bigg Boss house is nothing without its love stories. Through the various seasons, we got to witness a lot of romantic connections inside the famous house. One such story is that of actor Priyank Sharma and VJ Benafsha Soonawalla. 

We enjoyed watching romance blossom between them during Bigg Boss 11, but the two had always said they were ‘just friends’ before finally fessing up their love for each other last year. The duo has been going strong since and never fail to be in the spotlight for their adorable gestures for each other. Remember their sweet ‘confirmation pic’? That was just too cute to handle. 

However, of late Priyanka and Benafsha are in the limelight for the wrong reasons. According to recent buzz, all is not well between the two. Rumours of Priyank cheating on his ladylove have been doing the rounds on social media for some time. Shocked? We were too! However, Priyank has finally opened up about his thoughts on the matter. 


In an interview, The MTV Roadies contestant was asked about rumours of him cheating on Benafsha and their break-up. To which he said, “Things have been fine. Every couple has their ups and downs, I believe. That’s a part of the entire relationship.” He also added, “If you are holding yourself very strongly, I believe you can surpass anything you feel like. Woh tumhare upar hai, kitna effort daal rahe ho (It depends on how much effort you put in).”  

However, we can’t help but wonder why the two suddenly stopped posting pics with each other. On being questioned about it, Priyank said, “But till the time that I am not wanting to announce or maybe not wanting to tell, why to just cook up any kind of story for no reason? So that’s why me and Ben stopped posting our pictures also. Nazar thodi si lagne lag gayi thi. Humne rok diya (Our relationship was attracting the evil eye, so we stopped it).” Hmmm, makes total sense, if you ask us. 


Oh BTW, did you know that Priyank and Benafsha were friends before participating in the reality show? In an earlier interview, the actor had said that he was introduced to Benafsha by mutual friends. He added, “We became good friends and I got to know her better during Bigg Boss. Both of us were single when we entered the house. We felt a strong connection, especially after I re-entered the house post my eviction. We developed feelings for each other, but didn’t want to make any commitment without being sure.” 

We gotta say that we are glad that all’s well between the two of them. They do make quite a stunning pair, no?

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