13 Things That Really Shocked Us In Bigg Boss Season 11

13 Things That Really Shocked Us In Bigg Boss Season 11

The New Year has brought many beginnings, but there is one thing that's coming to an end - Bigg Boss Season 11! And most people will agree that this was one of the most shocking seasons in the BB history. I've had enough BB fanatics tell me that the last time there was so much unrest in the house, it was all thanks to Dolly Bindra - the loudmouth who would constantly pull down other women and degrade them. But I can vouch for the fact that this season, there have been things we wouldn't want to see anywhere - slut-shaming, name-calling and even an instance of sexual assault. Here are 13 things that happened this season that left me speechless at the insensitivity of the people we were watching on screen!

1. Vikas being tortured

As soon as the season started, Shilpa and Vikas' fight took the limelight. Shilpa blamed Vikas for her lack of work after her show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai! and decided that it was payback time. From putting slippers next to him to emotionally torturing him, the five weeks were just cringeworthy and painful to watch.

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2. Benafsha-Akash fight

Akash Dadlani and Benafsha Soonawala got into a pretty ugly fight in the earlier part of the show. While Akash had made comments about Benafsha on her body and hygiene level, the latter decided to take things in her hand and pulled his hair mid-fight.

3. Puneesh and Akash's argument

Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani, who were close friends, got into a pretty heated argument and the former started throwing things at Akash. From throwing away Akash's food to hitting him with a slipper, we were shocked to see Puneesh's behaviour in that particular episode.

4. Hina's comments on people in the industry

Hina commented on everyone and everybody, not just in the house but outside as well. Her statements like 'South Indian actresses are fat', 'Sakshi Tanwar is cock-eyed' and 'Sanjeeda Sheikh is not pretty enough' had everybody in the industry fuming. She got so out of hand that Karan Patel had to come inside the house to tell her to mind her own business and not speak about others. Oh, and how can we forget the classic "maine kab kaha?"

5. Priyank body-shaming Shilpa

Priyank Sharma decided to go one step ahead and fat-shame Shilpa and Arshi. He said Shilpa is "fat and can't run around" so she is unfit for the role of the captain of the house. Hina also supported Priyank and called the two ladies saand.

6. Hina slut-shaming Arshi

Hina Khan, the crusader of girl power, left no stone unturned to humiliate Arshi Khan. While trying to defend another woman, she said things like 'kapde faad ke kaam milega tumhe bahar' and other pretty disgusting things. Truly, a bad day for women and their causes.

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7. The courtroom task

Hina Khan seems to be making headlines for all sorts of wrong things this season. She called out Arshi Khan for her choice of clothes and not taking 'permission' from her husband before stepping into the pool just to prove her case of Arshi Khan being a bad wife during the task. Selective feminist, shall we call her?

8. Using chilli in a task

Tired of writing about Hina's antics but there is no stopping that girl. In a task, she put chilli powder in Bandagi Kalra's eyes and then refused to give her water till she gave up and quit the task. This particular act led to a huge fight breaking out in the house. Heartlessness at its best!

9. Divya Aggarwal in the house

When everyone's parents came to meet the contestants in the house, for Priyank, his (ex?) girlfriend was called. She broke up with him on national television and also, in not so many words, called him a cheat and asked him to stop hurting women. Such drama, much wow!

10. Akash forcefully kissing Shilpa

This season something unprecedented happened. Sexual assault on television. Clips of Akash forcefully kissing Shilpa surfaced but they were not telecast. Finally, Luv had to intervene on Shilpa's behalf to ask him to stop and to that, Hina said that it wasn't really required of him to do so. Women against women, eh?

11. Hiten's elimination

Hiten Tejwani, one of the most sorted and smart housemates, was voted out of the house and it came as an unpleasant surprise to everyone! The voting was done by the housemates and in a classic twist, Shilpa voted out Hiten to eliminate competition. Friends, what friends?

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12. Puneesh and Akash as finalists

Puneesh and Akash, who made it to the Finale Week, did not deserve it at all! And that's popular opinion. Contestants like Sapna Chaudhary, Hiten Tejwani and Arshi Khan were eliminated and these two were in the show. *Sigh*

13. Luv's lucky streak

Even though in the later weeks Luv came into his own and started playing the game, initially, it was only luck that kept him in the house, when more deserving contestants were being eliminated! Guess some people are just lucky that way!

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