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Canceled: 5 Invalid Skincare Claims We’re Ignoring In 2021

Canceled: 5 Invalid Skincare Claims We’re Ignoring In 2021

As a skincare newb, I used to get so convinced with products that had pharmacy-inspired packaging, the term ‘approved’, and anything to do with the term dermatologist. Over the years of working as a beauty writer, I have gotten a chance to explore some of these skincare claims, and surprise, surprise! The most common skincare claims of the beauty industry are often the most hollow ones. Today, we ride through some generic skincare claims to check if you are being an innocent prey to deceiving promises.

Beyond The Label

Here are 5 common skincare claims and promises that one comes across on a daily. We take a deep look at them and what they actually mean.

Dermatologically Tested


When a brand says that it is dermatologically tested, it implies that a certain dermat is sitting in some corner of the world giving nods to these skincare formulas. However, there is a difference between the term “dermatologically tested” and “dermatologically approved” or “dermatologically recommended”. A dermat could have tested a product, and yet wouldn’t recommend it. Often we get blinded by fluffed phrases and fall for deceiving claims like such.

Chemical Free

The beauty community has made its mission in the year 2021 to convince everybody how ‘chemicals’ are not bad, just plain Science. I mean, are we wrong, though? Everything on this planet can be broken down into a chemical equation, including water. being chemical-free is not necessarily a bad thing when you can utilize the power of Science for better skincare and makeup.

Closing Pores


Okay, ladies (and gentlemen), if you still believe that pores can close or shrink, you need some good skincare advice, and we have got some – skin pores can’t close! Everybody has pores on their sin through which your skin breathes and excretes sebum or sweat. While some people have a more [prominent appearance of pores on their skin, some don’t. But no product can help you close your pores, ever.

Fairer Skin

One of the most controversial skincare claims in the Indian beauty industry – fairness formulas. When an individual is born with a shade of skin complexion, they are most likely to live with it for their whole life. While there exist a number of aesthetic procedures to brighten or tan your complexion, no cream or scrub can change the skin complexion you are brown with. Sure, some can help you de-tan, or reduce pigmentation, but none can make you fairer than you naturally are. All the more, this side of the beauty industry encourages body shaming on the basis of colour, instead of accepting that all skin colours are beautiful.

Natural & Safe


Now that we have come past the nonsense that ‘chemical-free’ is, let’s jump on the infamous ‘natural is safe’ claim. Not all-natural ingredients are safe, exactly how not all chemical ingredients are harsh. One could easily get an allergic reaction, get their skin barrier ruined, or skin’s moisture balance disrupted with natural ingredients.

Try some fuss-free skincare that gives you results without any side effects:

Which skincare claim were you prey to before reading this article?

Featured Image: Pexels, Unsplash

23 Aug 2021

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