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5 Online Portals That Will Analyse Your Fave Skincare Ingredients In Great Detail

5 Online Portals That Will Analyse Your Fave Skincare Ingredients In Great Detail

The Indian beauty community is evolving by the day, and it feels like there is no looking back. Consumers today have a higher understanding of what is good for their skin, and therefore, higher expectations from their skincare. General terms like moisturizing, hydrating, exfoliating – we understand. However, it can get tough to read an ingredient list and determine if a skincare product is a boon or a bane for your skin type. Behind the facade of key ingredients, hides a lengthier ingredient list of preservatives, colourants, and fragrances that a healthy skin care routine can do without. While not all chemicals are the worst decision for skincare, it can get tricky to decide which ingredient deserves a hall pass. To solve this ambiguous puzzle, the internet lords have blessed us with online portals to answer our skincare questions. Let’s find out how.

Simple Solution Within A Click


There are a handful amount of websites on the net that can help you dissect your favourite skincare into its numerous ingredients and their effects on the skin. Even if the server is unaware of your localized skincare product, you can feed the ingredient list for a deeper explanation. Here are some of our favourite go-to websites whenever we are in a skincare frenzy:


Skincarisma gives you two options – to either search for a skincare product, or to feed the entire ingredient list for a detailed description. It also shows you the skincare’s features, skin type suitability, the risk percentage. This website explains each ingredient’s property in detail and how comedogenic they can be. You can also compare two skincare products against each other on Skincarisma.



INCIDecoder also gives you an option to either search for a skincare product or separate ingredients for further information. Ingredients are then explained briefly, and then elaborately as you scroll down. This website also rates individual ingredients on the basis of their comedogenicity and irritability. INCIdecoder also verifies the product’s highlights and key ingredients.


CosDNA is an ingredient analyzing website that allows you to scan a picture, or manually enter skincare ingredients for a detailed description. It then goes on to explain the ingredient’s function in the product and rates them on the basis of its safety against the skin, acne-inducing factor, and irritability. You can also save the product’s characteristics and data after.



Skinsort is a fairly easy ingredient analyzing website. You can choose to browse through a collection of skincare products that already exist on the site, or you can feed a list of ingredients in the given box. The website then goes on to describe the product and its features. Along with explaining the use of each ingredient, this website also provides you a data on the product’s usage percentage and its effects on the skin.


Similar to Skincarisma, Cosmily gives you an option of ingredient analysis, product history, and skincare comparison. Along with a detailed explanation of every ingredient, you will find the products’ positive and negative effects on the skin. Bonus points for this one as it also provides an EWG report along with an organic to synthetic ratio of the skin care product’s ingredients.

Now that you have some smart skincare services to ensure that you have the best match for your skin type and concern, try your hands on some new beauty buys:

Are you choosing your skincare ingredients wisely?

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17 Aug 2021

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